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This page lists some of the dogs who previously romped at Tealwood and were owned and dearly loved (beyond the puppy age) by me, then were placed into wonderful new homes.    Clicking on their name will take you to their web page, current as of the time they left Tealwood.  Updated pictures will continue to be posted under these pages or on Puppy Families pages.

I'll ALWAYS love y'all!!!


"Amos" - Savannah/Bono puppy

"Arthur" - Tealwood's Arthur

"Beau" (re-homed from his original puppy home @ 9 years of age)

"Bella" - Tealwood's Take Me Downtown (previously "Stella")

"Calvin" - Tealwood's Calvin On Primetime

"Camden" - Tealwood's Wanna Be A Legend

"Chantelle" - Tealwood's Chantelley Lace

"Da Vinci" - Tealwood's Original Da Vinci

"Echo" - Tealwood Meso Happy at TurningPoint

"Emma" - Tealwood's Minuette En Bleu



"Harrison" - WHL Harrison at Tealwood

"Hailey" - Thistledown Hailey's Stormin' Tealwood

"Isla" - Tealwood's Broadway Hit

" Janelle" - Tealwood's Et Tu Janelle

"Jasmine" - Tealwood's Stardust Jasmine

"Jemima" - Tealwood's Aunt Jemima

"Karina" - Tealwood's Ciara Karina

"Leaguer" - Tealwood's Major Leaguer

"Louie" - Tealwood's Mister Louie

"Luna" - Tealwood's Blue Moon

"Lydia" - Tealwood's Majorette

"Mable" - Legacy's Stage Hand

"Master" - Shiloh's Masterpiece at Tealwood

"Natalie" - Tealwood's Special Blend

"Nick" - Tealwood's Symphony En Bleu

"Oliver" - Tealwood's Oliver Twist My Arm

"Picasso" - Tealwood's Picasso

"Porsche" - Tealwood's Classy Chasis

"Rosanna" - Tealwood's Rosanna Danna

"Ryder" - Tealwood's Hitchhiker

"Savannah" - Tealwood's ' Savannah On Primetime

"Shiner" - Tealwood's Reign or Shine

"Stella" - Tealwood's Take Me Downtown (now "Bella")

"Tessa" - Shiloh's Tessa At Tealwood

"Walter" - Tealwood's Sir Walter

"Zooty" - Muskets Zootsuit Riot




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