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The best friend known to man ...



My Home & Breeder Kennel For Sale
Louisa, Virginia - 6 acres, beautiful home, huge yards, kennel & in-ground swimming pool
Click Here for More Info & Photos



We have retired & moved to Colorado Springs

(updated 1/30/17)

Please note that, after 25+ years, I have retired from my breeding program.  It has been quite an adventure, filled challenges and a lot of hard work.  But, the rewards of producing quality Labradors with intelligence and wonderful temperaments has made it all worthwhile.  I have produced beautiful show dogs with correct "type", dogs who have titled in hunt tests, obedience, rally and other fun AKC events. Numerous puppies have gone on to be successful service dogs, dramatically improving the lives of people with handicaps and serious health issues.  I'm particularly proud of one, Romeo, who became a certified search and rescue dog at 2 years of age, and went on to find and save the life of an elderly man who had been lost in the wooded mountains for 4 days shortly thereafter. 


Some of my puppies were placed with other breeders, making valuable contributions to their breeding programs. 


I am proud to have had an extremely good record over the years of good health, longevity and few genetic problems.  That is due to diligence to health and genetic DNA testing, and a ton of research to stay abreast of bloodlines that may be risky.  In the early days, it was much more difficult since we didn't have most of these tests;  all we had was OFA hip x-rays and basic eye exams by an ophthalmologist, no DNA tests at all. And, we had no internet, no web sites or no-email to facilitate communications among the breeder community and research, so we really had to work harder to educate ourselves about health issues, genetics and bloodlines to consider or to cull out. 


But the majority of my puppies were placed with wonderful families as beloved pets.  Of course, some became excellent hunters also, some therapy dogs, etc., but most were destined to simply give and receive an enormous amount of love.  My greatest reward is hearing the wonderful stories about these dogs from my puppy families all around the country, how much happiness they have brought to the family.  I thank these wonderful people for giving my "babies" so much love and such good care over the years from the bottom of my heart.


The other HUGE reward to this long career was the opportunity to live with so many wonderful, loving, beautiful, smart Labradors!  Even as a single person, I could never be lonely with this amount of unconditional love surrounding me.  I still love every one of them, even those who have passed on and those who were placed with families.


But now, as I got older, it was time to simplify my life, and time for me to be near "family".  My son Erik, DIL Sarah, and 1-year-old grandson Leo live in Castle Rock, not far north of my home here in Colorado Springs.  I look forward to spending time with them, especially watching little Leo grow up.  Yes, I brought some of my dogs with me ... the older ones.  Clarice is 12, Elmer almost 10, Berry almost 9, and Buddy 5.  (Buddy is still available for stud service.)


Clarice Elmer Berry Buddy


I believe, when I myself cross that bridge, that I will be overwhelmed by hundreds of loving Labradors, so happy to see "Mom" again.  Sigh ... 




Referrals - my bloodlines and stud service

If you are interested in a puppy, and particularly were hoping to get something from MY bloodlines, I can make a couple recommendations to good breeders who are carrying my bloodlines into the future.

Becky Hofmann, Gordonsville, VA



Judy Segedi, OH (has "Tango", co-own, see The Boys)




Sybille Nelson, Troutville, VA



Amanda Porett, MN



Jan Norton-Fandel, FL



Donna Stanley, PA  (has "Manny", co-own, see The Boys)




Jennifer Van Schoick, NJ (has "Vader", co-own, see The Boys)



Becky Olson, WI




See Buddy (CO), Tango (OH), Manny (PA) and Vader (NJ)

on "The Boys" page.


See more about Tealwood below

  Tealwood also offers 


Address:  1202 Wynkoop Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80909

E-mail:  tealwoodlabs@yahoo.com

Phone:  715-214-7958

Proud member of the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac

supporting their Lab Rescue ... a great resource for adult Labs needing a loving home







We have moved to Colorado Springs!


Kennel Property For Sale - Louisa, VA

My home and kennel in Virginia is for sale - $372,000

6 acres, great house, attached 20x30 kennel, inground swimming pool.

Call me at 715-214-7958 or e-mail and I will refer to realtor.

Click Here for More Info & Photos

The pool and back of house in Virginia ... love the front and back porches!


Congratulations to "Romeo" and his owner/trainer/handler Helene Dodge!


He is now a certified Search & Rescue dog in Virginia, at 26 months of age.


I'm SO proud of them!

Romeo made his first real "find" in July,

an older man who'd been missing for several days in the wooded mountains.

Romeo, you saved a man's life!


(Romeo is from the Jack & Morgan litter.)


My trip to the ocean with Elmer - Nags Head, NC - July 16, 2013

(click to see some great pictures)


Find us on

This is a great place for Tealwood puppy families to post pics & updates,

share and connect with other Tealwood families!


The girls swimming one evening


Jemima and Clarice taking the plunge





About Tealwood


For 20+ years, Tealwood's goal, through selective breeding and careful genetic screening, has been to produce correct Labrador Retrievers that contribute to the maintaining the best of the breed ... in all three breed colors, black, yellow and chocolate.  Note, we will not ever have the cross-bred "silver Lab" as it is NOT a pure-bred Labrador Retriever.  And there is no such thing as a "white Lab"; there simply are variations of yellow from almost white to fox red.  And we oppose the "LabraDoodle", another cross breeding that is NOT a breed and does produce any consistency or breed true even in the first generation.  It is foolish for people to even consider paying the ridiculous high prices these people are asking for their so-called "rare" Silver Labs and LabraDoodles; they are NOT pure-bred anything, they can NOT be registered with any reputable registry ... they are simply "mixed-breed" dogs like the majority waiting for free adoption in our animal shelters and humane societies.



About Me


I fell in love with the Labrador breed over 50 years ago when my father bought our first Labrador Retriever from the Armstrong Ranch in Minnesota.  In those days, there was not the division between field/hunting (so-called "American type") and show type Labradors (so-called "English type") ... they all were the same "type" and "temperament".  A well-bred Labrador could excel in both venues.  My dad was an avid duck hunter, so I grew up with a shotgun in my hands ... and was a pretty good shot in those days!  I trained numerous dogs of my own to be excellent hunters, as well as well-mannered family companions.  In later years, I was smitten with the passion to get into breeding and showing my dogs, determined to produce some of the finest Labradors in the country.  I believed (and still do) that a correctly-bred Labrador can offer the best of all worlds.  He can be a beautiful dog, correct to the AKC standard, calm, easy to train, well-mannered and a joy to have in the house ... AND can be one of the best all-round hunting dogs in the world.  I have proven that, because I have produced many Labradors just like that, and have testimonials from many very happy clients.


I may be too soft with my dogs at times because I love them and worry about their welfare and happiness.  I devote my life to them, make many sacrifices for them to make their lives happy and safe.  But, they DO know that I am the leader of the pack.  Their respect for me, and devotion to me, is overwhelming at times!  Establishing yourself as leader is very important to your dog's sense of belonging and confidence and safety ... pack animals NEED a leader, but one they can trust to be fair, consistent and supportive.  But, did I tell you that I LOVE my dogs???  (Notice in the picture above, with my "little boy" haircut, that I now am "wash and wear" just like my Labs!



Tealwood's Breeding Program and Goals


Tealwood's concentration is placed on proper type according to the AKC breed standard (sometimes referred to as the English type), intelligence, soundness and that calm, loving, eager-to-please Lab temperament that has endeared the breed to so many of us over the years.  My dogs, even the youngsters, love to swim, retrieve, use their natural instincts and learn new things, then come in the house and be calm, quiet, well-behaved cuddly companions!  The temperament and intelligence make excellent candidates for family companions, obedience/agility performance, and hunting and AKC hunt tests;  concentration on proper conformation produces good-looking dogs and many nice show prospects . . . or all of the above wrapped into one.  


We do not bring the field trial bloodlines (the so-called "American type") into our breeding program because the majority of those lines these days are too high strung for a nice family companion and do not have the proper "type" and conformation in accordance with the breed standard for Labrador Retrievers (here in the U. S. and elsewhere in the world).  Contrary to popular belief among serious hunters, many of the Labradors from "show bloodlines" have outstanding hunting ability (often better than the field-bred Labradors since they are more controllable and trainable); you may find AKC hunt titles in their pedigrees up to the Senior and Master Hunt Title levels.  I pride myself on keeping that hunting instinct in my bloodlines.  Even though I am not currently working at hunt titles on my own dogs, many of my puppy buyers very successfully hunt with their dogs and others have put Working Certificates and hunt titles up to the Senior level on their dogs, one currently training for Master Hunt Title.


I'm pleased to have had two of my 6-month-old girls personally selected and purchased to be seeing eye dogs in Madrid, Spain;  another puppy (sired by my Major) became the #1 drug detection dog in the state of Arkansas at under two years of age;  a recent puppy was selected to go into training to be a certified therapy dog working in hospitals with terminal and comatose patients, several others are foundation bitches for a retired veterinarian's breeding program for service dogs.  My stud dogs have been used to sire litters for service dog organizations, due to their wonderful temperament, intelligence, focus and trainability as well as sound health genetics.  One is a diabetic alert dog ... a difficult assignment.  One of my puppies is doing wonderful in his training for search and rescue work.  Many Tealwood puppies have gone on to be outstanding hunters as well as family companions;  all the others have gone on to be much loved "couch potatoes" and baby sitters for toddlers!  Among my goals for the near future is to train one of my own tracking dogs and get involved in local search and rescue.  With intelligence, trainability, good noses and a loving temperament, these Labs can accomplish almost anything.


All breeding stock is OFA certified on hips and elbows, eyes cleared annually and conscientious effort is made to eliminate other genetic defects such as epilepsy, cardiac problems, allergies, EIC, etc.


Puppies and occasional adults are available to approved pet and/or show homes and breeders.  No puppies are placed without careful screening, no puppies are sold wholesale, to puppy mills, brokers or other irresponsible breeding programs.  Normally, you need to place a deposit and get on a waiting list before the litter of puppies is born;  the earlier the better, especially if you have a preference for a particular color and/or sex. Deposits are NOT refundable if you change your mind for any reason and do not purchase a puppy.  A deposit is a two-way commitment;  I agree to hold your place on the list for purchase of a puppy and you agree to purchase the puppy.  The exception is if I do not have a puppy of your specifications (color, sex, etc.) from the litter of deposit for you, I will either refund your deposit or you may opt to transfer it to an upcoming litter.  That will be your decision. 


Stud service is available to approved bitches.




Lifestyle at Tealwood


Believe it or not, all my own dogs live in the house!  I want them to live a good life and be able to "hang out" in the house, snooze by my feet and follow me around ... not spend their lives as "kennel dogs".  Every puppy I keep (or get) is house and crate trained.  In groups, they rotate to the large grassy play yards and concrete runs from morning till evening.  When in Wisconsin, there were retrieving trips to the pond when weather allowed; now, In Virginia, we have the pool.  My boys all run together in a group, sometimes up to 6 boys from youngsters to oldsters ... so congenial that I've never had a fight.  Girls are grouped together based on age and personality.  And they all have time to "hang around" the house with me, snooze, chew on nylabones, etc., so they can be with family just like pet Labs.  Most sleep in their crates at night, some have special "bed" privileges!  Nice calm, well-behaved dogs deserve this life-style.  I just accept the fact that I need to spend a LOT of time cleaning the house to keep it livable for ME and 10+ dogs!!!


Puppies are whelped in the house, then moved to a heated indoor/outdoor kennel facility at about 5  weeks where they have more play space and learn to use a doggy door.  They have a grassy (rarely snowy anymore) play yard area with playground equipment and lots of different toys.  Pups are handled and monitored daily for health and personality development, well socialized, properly vaccinated, de-wormed, vet checked and guaranteed.  If any need special attention, bottle or tube feeding or medications, I do everything within my power to help them survive and have a chance at a wonderful, healthy life.  House training is very easy with my puppies, partially because of their wonderful genetic temperament, partially because of the way they're raised and socialized.  By the time they are ready to leave, they are already doing almost all their "business" outside, and will try to find a way out when they get to your home.  I am always available for questions and consultation and love to stay in touch with my puppy "parents" ... many of us become like one big extended family over the years.


Since we moved from Wisconsin to Virginia in October 2010, we no longer have the pond you'll see in a lot of pictures.  I just couldn't find property with or conducive to a pond here that I could afford.  But, Labs NEED to swim, so the alternative was to put in a swimming pool.  Although that project became a nightmare for almost a full year, we finally are enjoying a nice pool ... a great way for the dogs to do what they love and stay cool in the hot summers.  I'm also exploring nice lakes/ponds to visit, and we'll take occasional trips to the ocean.  OK, I obviously love water too, and swimming with my dogs, or just watching them have so much fun, is great therapy for me!  I cleared and securely fenced a huge dog yard and built a 20x30 kennel room, connected to my house/garage via a breezeway.  It has indoor/outdoor runs that can open up to the dog yard, has heat, A/C, ceiling fans and constant music.  I replaced the carpet in the family room with nice terra-cotta look porcelain tile;  it looks great and I don't have to worry about any dog or puppy accidents.  My office is right off the kitchen and family room so, no matter what I'm doing, the dogs can hang around me and live a life almost as good as what they have in wonderful pet homes.  Did I tell you I LOVE my dogs???!!



We are beautiful, loving and we can do it ALL!!!




Inquiries are welcome ...


Please offer information regarding what type of Lab you're seeking, for what purpose,

plans for caring for a puppy, lifestyle, facilities, etc.

E-Mail:  tealwoodlabs@yahoo.com 


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