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(Click on the title)

"The Welcome" A really cute short story about a typical Labrador Retriever's viewpoint of the homecoming of his mistress.  Written by an anonymous Labrador Retriever.
"At The Wilson's" A super-funny cartoon depicting a Labrador Retriever "couple" leaving the Wilson's house after an evening visit. 

"How to Prepare for a New Puppy"

Humorous tips on preparing for a new puppy!
"Dog Trick" Cute cartoon! 
"Who Rates?" Hilarious cartoon ... with some truth! 
"What Was That, Officer?" Funny cartoon! 
"Unsupervised Dogs" Very funny pictures! 
"You KNOW You're a Dog Person When ..." Humorous characteristics of REAL dog people!  (How do YOU rate?) 

(More to come)


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