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* A Quality Boarding and Grooming  Facility*


Boyceville, Wisconsin

(10 miles from Menomonie)


Please note: Boarding & Grooming Services have been discontinued

Premium Edge dog food is still available by appointment


Owned and operated by Jenny Mitchell


E-mail: tealwoodlabs@yahoo.com


A Special Place for Special Dogs


Tealwood offers a brand new boarding facility dedicated to keeping your devoted companion happy, healthy and safe while he visits. And the key to the "happy" is providing an extra level of individual attention to every dog ... like a surrogate mother, substituting for the TLC he is accustomed to at home. It's amazing how quickly most dogs adjust if someone makes them feel secure, and many come back with tails wagging, anxious to see their friends again.

After growing up with multiple dogs, cats and even a monkey named "Maynard", and 15+ years as a responsible breeder of show quality Labrador Retrievers, no one understands better than I how special your dog is to you and your family. A dog is not "just a dog", he or she is the family member who always welcomes us with unconditional love, senses and cares about our every feeling and gives us a reason to smile ... even when life in general doesn't. Not to say there aren't moments that try our patience, but the rewards of having such a devoted companion are so much greater than the effort. Much like raising a child, although our dogs never push us to borrow the car and stay out late, do they?

Always in the back of my mind is to put forth the extra effort to treat each and every dog as I would want my own treated (and my own are pretty spoiled!!!).  And all the staff at Tealwood Kennel endorse this policy and are natural "dog people" as well as very efficient, dedicated employees.  It is heartwarming to see how many dogs are so happy to come back and visit again!

  • New, immaculate facility ... heated, A/C
    A real "homey" atmosphere with 24-hour music
    Large individual runs with heated floors
    Bright, airy with good ventilation
    Indoor and outdoor exercise areas for play time 4 times a day
    Night lighting so your dog's never left in the dark
    Daily doggy treats

We use the best disinfectant on the market (no bleach) ... 

the only one proven by independent testing to kill even the parvo virus!

And we provide LOTS of petting, happy talk and fun!




All dogs must be either on a lead or carried in and out of the facility.


HOURS:  Although we're here caring for your dog 14 or more hours a day, 7 days a week, we have specific opening and closing times.  YOU MUST HAVE AN APPOINTMENT and we ask that you arrive at the appointed time so we can schedule our many other chores and be prepared for your arrival.  If you arrive unexpected, you may have to wait until we are able to adjust our schedule and greet you.  Please leave your dog in your car and wait in the kennel office; do not enter the kennel area without our staff; please do not come to the house ... that is my home.                                       

EMERGENCIES: After-hours drop-offs can sometimes be accommodated for emergencies; an additional after-hours fee may apply.  If you call with an emergency situation, please leave a message to that effect and your call will be returned as soon as possible.


VETERINARY CARE:  Your dog's health will be closely monitored while he visits. Any medications you bring will be administered on a timely basis and documented. If, in the opinion of experienced staff, it appears your dog is in need of veterinary examination or services, such services will be provided by your veterinarian if possible, or by another local veterinarian. Owner agrees to be financially responsible for any necessary veterinary care and/or medications.

We normally can schedule to groom and/or bathe your dog while he's staying with us ... or you can schedule an appointment at other times.  Bathing and dips can be done almost any day (but by appointment);  grooming that involves clipping and/or a lot of de-matting or scissoring  needs to be scheduled well in advance; our groomer is not here every day but we'll try to accommodate your needs.  We encourage you to eliminate fleas and ticks before you bring your dog in to board, or schedule us for a flea/tick dip to be done upon arrival. If your dog is found to have fleas and ticks, he/she will be bathed and dipped at your expense to protect the other boarders from infestation.


REFERENCES:  We will be happy to provide references including most of the local veterinarians who've gotten to know us well ... personally, as well as how we operate our facility and care for your dogs.  

EXTRA CHARGES:  We do not specify any extra charges for administering medications or special feedings as some kennels do, and we simply expect a number of dogs to have some accidents in their runs.  But we may have to add additional fees for dogs that require an extraordinary amount of care and time (i.e. difficult administration of medications, constant accidents in run and laundering of bedding, etc.)  We also will have to charge for repair of damages that a dog may cause and any extra expenses that may be incurred such as trips to the vet or stores for special needs.  

Tealwood ... nestled in 29 peaceful acres of beautiful hills



Tealwood Boarding & Grooming Kennel



A cheery place makes for happy dogs!


Tealwood's First Boarder - 2000
"Misty" with her mom & dad, Jim and Laura Wahl, Menomonie



A bright, homey atmosphere - 2000



Decorated for Easter



Jenny bringing dogs in late New Year's Eve





Two Great Pryanese that were a MAJOR grooming project

(groomed on left, not groomed yet on right)



Lots of toys, bones and tried & tested dog supplies ... at reasonable prices



And the end result of a 5-hour grooming project ... a gorgeous "Jack"


 Tealwood Boarders Picture Album


(Click on little dogs above to see picture album)


After years of research, we recommend and sell the PREMIUM EDGE pet food line ...

A premium food with real meat protein (no by-products or fillers)
and digestible whole grain carbohydrates, fortified with the proper balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids for good skin and coat condition, glucosamine and chondroitin for healthy joints and cartilage, and balanced vitamins and minerals ... and it is one of the most palatable foods available!  

A quality food with high digestibility means you feed less, get more nutrition, better health and less stool to pick up.  Ask us for more information, brochures and samples.


Please visit again!

I extend my appreciation to the contractors and their crews
who did a quality job to build a quality facility:

Valley Concrete, Menomonie
Bowman Plumbing, Inc., Menomonie
Schmidt's Electric, Boyceville
Ken Welle (carpentry), Boyceville
Lorenz Excavating, Boyceville
Design Built Structures, Inc., Chippewa Falls
International Security Products (chain link panels), Inc., Brooklyn Park, MN





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