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Tealwood Photo Album


Dogs & Puppies Over The Years

Page One

There is no order to this photo album, just a collection of pictures of my dogs, my puppies ... some as puppies, some as older dogs, some that went to live in other loving homes.  Every one was special in their own way, and those departed are truly missed.  More pictures will be added to subsequent pages as time allows.


My son Erik with some of the dogs at Tealwood pond



Summer teaching her kids, Nick & Emma (2001)

"Ben" - Sunnybrook Acres Ben O'Brandy (1996)

"Chance" (Ben x Bea)

"Zooty" after a swim

Tealwood's Call Me Clark

My beautiful "Clark" (Doc x Molly) at 5 months

"Clark" (Doc x Molly) at 3.5 months

Clark (Doc x Molly) at 1 year ... as sweet & lovely as ever!

Now dearly loved and pampered by the Fiedler family

Clark (Doc x Molly) and his friends


Dyna ( a Gunner daughter) napping with Grandpa (1998)

Hilary (a Lindall Mastercraft daughter) - 1991

Hilary and her litter of 9 yellow puppies!!!

Lunch for a litter of 10 chocolates

Nick & Emma giving "lovin'" to Grandma & Grnadpa

Major enjoying #1 leader dog privileges!

"Oh, please, throw it one more time!"

Sassy at 18 months

A lovely "Shirley" puppy

Another "Shirley" puppy


"Splash", a talented, intelligent girl  with field trial background who produced outstanding pups by Major

Chocolate Pup (Major x Splash)


"Rembrandt" - 16 months (Mac x Molly)

"Rembrandt" - 16 months (Mac x Molly)

Molly/Mac puppies ("Patience" and "Ellie") - 1999

"Ellie" (Mac x Molly) at 21 months



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