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* Yellow litter born July 25, 2015 *

Sire:  Tealwood Hit Me With Your Best Shot (ylw)

Dam:  Tealwood's Southern Biscuit (ylw)

"Buddy" & "Biscuit"    Litter


Click on puppy picture to go to litter page - Inquiries welcome





* Black & yellow litter born October 16, 2015 *

(This is a dual-sired litter.  See page for more information.)

Sires:  Tyric Tealwood's Quick Study (blk/y) & Tealwood's Stuck On You (blk)

Dam:  Tealwood's Add A Step To The Strutt (ylw)

"Albert" & "Elmer" & "Addie"    Litter


Click on puppy picture to go to litter page




* Planned Breedings *


I will not have any more litters until maybe summer 2016.



Please read the following information before inquiring about a puppy


Since I get 3-6 puppy inquires per day, it's hard to keep up and be responsive.  I prefer for you to e-mail me so I get you in my computer contacts ... and can avoid playing telephone tag.  When you do, please give me information about yourself, your family, your lifestyle, current and/or previous dogs, plans for the puppy/dog (facilities, care, training, and any specific plans for showing, hunting, doing obedience, agility, rally, hunt tests, etc).  It's just fine if you just want a wonderful pet dog to love and share your life with.  I do not use a "form" ... I want to hear what you can offer to qualify as a potential puppy family.  We will then talk via phone at some point and schedule a visit for you to meet me and my dogs if feasible.  Thank you. 


Puppy Guarantee


Puppy Process & Deposit Agreement



If you're looking for an adult Labrador or older puppy, you can look at my page for "Available Dogs".  But, please note, that they are few and far between, from any good breeder.  If that's what you want, or if you simply cannot afford the cost of a well-bred Labrador puppy, I highly encourage you to consider a Lab rescue group.  One of the best in this area is the Potomac Lab Rescue, affiliated with the Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac.  They always have a variety of Labs needing a forever home and a big advantage is that their dogs are all in foster homes ... not sitting in a shelter.  This means that they can better evaluate the dogs' temperament and placement options.  And, they are "Lab people", who know how to evaluate Labradors.  Please check out their site from the link below.



The issue of Dewclaw Removal
We do not remove dewclaws.  Not only is it torture to the 3-day old babies,
but there now are studies that indicate that the removal process damages tendons
that connect to muscles, resulting in carpal arthritis, improper balance and other soundness issues.
Also, the dogs actually use the dewclaws to hold things, and for gripping ground in a fast turn, etc.
You just need to keep them clipped if the dog doesn't wear them down.  Here's a link to an excellent
article about dewclaw removal written by M. Christine Zink DVM, PhD, DACVSMR:



Check back again, e-mail inquiry or call 715-214-7958

Deposits are normally required prior to whelping to ensure adequate placement on the list

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