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We are proud to present this album of Tealwood puppies and their loving families, some as the puppies left as babies, others over the years with notes and updates ... which is greatly appreciated.  Many of us become like a big extended family over the years and I love to stay in touch.  So, if you're browsing and have one of my puppies, please send me a picture and an update soon!  Note there is no order to this album at present, adding more as I dig through files, but I will try to identify the remaining pictures.  If you would like to be removed from this site, or anonymous, please e-mail me. 

Note:  Pictures of dogs that lived at Tealwood beyond the puppy age will be put on

their web page under "Previous Dogs" rather than on these pages of pictures.


Thanks to all for giving my babies such wonderful, loving homes!


More pictures to be added as time allows!  I'm sorry to admit that I'm a year behind!


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