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Tealwood's Stuck On You


*  Major Pointed (4 majors) *

Specialty Winners Dog & Best of Winners (over specials) @ 15 months  *


Sire:  Ch. Visions I'm Able

Dam:  Tealwood's Wanna Be A Winner


Black male born May 15, 2007


Eyes ACVO clear annually, Optigen Normal by parentage,

OFA prelims, EIC tested normal,  full dentition

Color tested dominant black


I am so happy to have Elmer!  It was a fabulous litter with multiple show prospects and I'm really anxious to watch Elmer and his littermates grow up.  Many are saddened that Elmer's daddy, Able, passed away so young.  (Click here to see Able's page.)

Elmer, named after my grandpa, is a very typy, well-balanced youngster with lovely a  headpiece, outstanding coat, fabulous rear, nice angles,  substance and strong topline.  And I fell in love with his personality ... very smart, very focused, sweet, gentle yet an avid retriever.  He's already a "therapy dog", visiting my dad's nursing home!  I am SO proud of Elmer for taking Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the TCLRC specialty at 15 months (8/22/08, his second day out), and we picked up his 2nd major on 6/19/09.  Thanks to respected judges Dr. J. Donald Jones and Edd Bivin.  In only 9 shows, Elmer has 4 majors and specialty  BOW and BBE wins,  so I think we have great things to come!  This has been quite a ride so far and I LOVE this boy!!! 

picture @ 4 years







Another major (2nd), on Elmer's 4th show!

Winners Dog at the Anoka KC 6/19/09. under respected judge Edd Bivin



Elmer retrieving a ball at 5 years of age



5 years ... loving our pool!



Just lounging on the bench, and on the pool steps



The "I'm just a mush-baby boy" look!  "Won't you rub my belly???"



Such a nice, tolerant boy ... note how Buddy has Elmer's neck in his mouth, wanting the ball!



A favorite headshot , taken at 12 months



4 years



4 years




Elmer's attempt to "smile" for the camera!




4 1/2 years



In a hurry!!!



4 1/2 years





Elmer's 3rd major, 8/22/09, at the St. Croix Valley supported entry




Elmer wins the prestigious Bred by Exhibitor Class at the Winnebago specialty, 6/13/09

Thanks much to breeder judge Traci Stintzcum, Buttonwood Labradors!



Specialty Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the TCLRC - August 2008

Elmer's first major at only 15 months old, 2nd day in the ring!

Thank you, Judge Dr. J. Donald Jones



2 years 



Elmer at 13 months



13 months



12 months after a swim



Elmer at a dog show getting loved on by Jenny Seefeldt and her friend




Oh, did I tell you?  That I LOVE this boy???!!!!



(left) Elmer and Albert visiting the puppies - (right) taking a stress-reliever break at a show with Jenny



12 months



11 months





11 months




Headshots @ 11 months




11 months



Elmer pushing through ice on the pond on 4/5/08 (almost 11 months)



Elmer (10 months) with me and a puppy buyer family ... he CHARMED them!





8 months



Elmer at 8 months



Elmer at 6 months


6 months



Elmer's first time as a "bed-buddy" at 7 months ... he LIKED it!!!


Almost 5 months


Elmer at almost 5 months



A great retriever at almost 5 months!



Almost 5 months


Almost 5 months



Almost 5 months




Elmer at 4 months with his favorite bear (that he calls his "monkey"!)



3 months



3 months


3 months



3 months - already learning to freestack



Elmer (3 months) checking out Savannah's babies



10 weeks




Elmer at 9 weeks



7 weeks


Beautiful stack at only 6 weeks!



Elmer at 5 weeks




5 weeks




Elmer at 3 weeks




(left) 4 days of age - (right) 11 days of age




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