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Tealwood Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Sire:  Int'l Ch. Tealwood's Hit The Jackpot

Dam:  Tealwood's Wanna Be A Winner





Yellow male born October 13, 2011


OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal

Eyes ACVO clear, Optigen Normal by parentage

EIC clear by parentage, Full dentition


I did this breeding because I really wanted, just for me, something  like my "big Jack", who was 10+ years old and a very special boy.  I knew Morgan might add the "power rear" and angles that Jack lacked (being an old-type moderate Labrador), but couldn't count on getting the best of both parents.  Well, there he was!  The distinctive headpiece from Jack and his famous daddy, Tony, and super topline and tailset, but the overall substance and rear improved from Morgan!  With Morgan and her son, Elmer, also being favorites of mine, I knew this was a puppy I wanted to live with.  And, now that his beloved parents, Jack and Morgan, have passed on , I am especially happy to have Buddy with me.  I look at this face, the eyes and wrinkled brow, and I see Jack all over again, then sometimes I see Morgan. 

Buddy is well balanced, loaded with confidence and personality, strong retrieving instincts with a super nose and focus.  And, he's a real "lover boy" who has stolen my heart. 

Both of Buddy's parents have produced wonderful temperaments, successful service dogs and outstanding hunters;  and Buddy's littermate (Romeo) became a certified search and rescue dog at 2 years of age!  Buddy should go on to produce fabulous family companions, hunting dogs, service, therapy and search and rescue dogs.  He is named after my special friend, Buddy Voshell of Broad Reach Labradors.



picture @ 2 1/2 years



Buddy at 23 months, watching the girls in the back yard ... and VERY interested!




Left:  Buddy at 23 months

Right:  Buddy, 20 months, gave this little girl her wish that he'd sit on her lap like he does on mine!






Buddy at 20 months

(looks so much like his daddy on the right, but I see his mama in the picture on the left)



18 months



I LOVE this picture of Buddy!  He was 17 months, and it captures his gentle spirit and his daddy's expression.




20 months





Buddy at 18 months




Left: 18 months - Right: 23 months




Buddy at 12 months




Buddy, after a flying leap into the pool (10.5 months) - and 11 months on right




Buddy at 1 years ... notice he's laying with legs out back like his daddy Jack ALWAYS did!




10.5 months



10 months




10 months



6 months




Buddy, 4 months, in the kennel with his daddy Jack




The Buddy "look"!  LOL!  He's 14 weeks in this picture.




Buddy charming a visitor at 12 weeks




Buddy at 11 weeks


11 weeks





11 weeks



11 weeks




Opening the UPS delivery at 10 weeks!




7 weeks



7 weeks



7 weeks




It's just TOO much fun being a puppy of 7 weeks!!!



Buddy (back) with his sister Peach Girl at 7 weeks




Buddy at 5 weeks

Is this NOT a Jack/Tony head and expression, or what???!!!



5 weeks (with my friend Pam on right)


4 weeks



3.5 weeks ... "Look, I want the rest of this dinner!"



(left) 11 days - (right) 3 days


Buddy claiming his mama's arm at about 12 hours of age



More pictures to be added as Buddy grows up!






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