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Tealwood's Major Leaguer

Sire:  BISS Ch. Wilcare Leisure Suit Larry, WC ("Dauber")

Dam:  Tealwood Majors Return To Fame ("Brio")


Chocolate male born August 22, 2008

Bred by Jennifer Mitchell & Vi DeMarce 

Optigen Normal by Parentage

Prelims hips & elbows good

 Eyes ACVO clear @ 7 weeks & 13 months



I hope that Leaguer can carry on the dark chocolate line from his great granddaddy, Major, and the wonderful qualities of his daddy Dauber.  Leaguer has gone to a wonderful family, a small breeder home.

Leaguer has a ton of confidence, lots of personality and strong retrieving instincts.  He was a well balanced puppy with nice angles front and rear, strong topline, short coupled and good tailset.  He's gone into a "teenage" lanky stage now but still showing potential for conformation and any working competition we may want to do.




picture @ 10 months


Leaguer enjoying his new family!!!  (11/27/09)




10 months



See, he DOES have a tail, just always wagging!  (10 months)



An aggressive retriever at 8 months!



OK, I got it!!!



Leaguer at 5 months



7.5 months


5 months



5 months



5 months



Leaguer (about 14 weeks old) playing with his pal, Berry (about 5.5 months)



Leaguer at 9-10 weeks



9 weeks



8 weeks



8 weeks



Leaguer stacking really well at 7 weeks!



7 weeks



7 weeks



(left) Adorable headshot at 6 weeks

(right) Leaguer's in there somewhere ... in the pile of 12 puppies at 2 days of age!



More pictures to be added as Leaguer grows up!






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