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Thistledown Hailey's Stormin' Tealwood

Sire:  GCH Blackthorn Hailstorm, WC (Hail)

Dam:  Thistledown Party Girl (Paris)




Yellow female born April 26, 2013


Breeder:  Irlanne Warren


Optigen clear by parentage; other clearances TBD



I thank Irlanne Warren for entrusting this lovely girl to me, and Barb Gilchrist for recommending me for the opportunity. 

Hailey joined us at Tealwood in June, and it has been fun ever since!  She's a real live-wire, full of herself, and shows lots of potential for the show ring.   She is very well balanced with good angles both front and rear, has a solid topline with tail right off the back, and good coat.  Pigment is excellent and she's developing a beautiful, typy headpiece.

Hailey's already been swimming in my pool and loves to run with the big boys (her "boyfriends"), who are much more tolerant with puppy antics than the big girls are!  I'm looking forward to watching Hailey mature and get ready for the show ring.




picture @ 6 months





Hailey at 6 months



6 months



6 months




15 weeks:  At left, chewing on Elmer's ear, naughty girl!





At the pool with the  big boys - 15 weeks



Watch video of Hailey's first big swim at 15 weeks





15 weeks - fun with the neighbor boy, Bryson




12 weeks



Hailey often sleeps like this in the little crate in her kennel run - 12 weeks





Almost 10 weeks




9 weeks



Learning to go down the front porch steps at 9 weeks





Then UP the steps ... the top step was scary and she made it almost on her belly!  So funny!




"What?  I wasn't spilling much water!!!"  (9 weeks)




Having fun with her toys at 9 weeks





She was a lovely puppy at almost 7 weeks




More pictures to be added as Hailey grows up!




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