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Legacy's Stage Hand  (blk/y)



(Ch. Trini T's Cozbi Coz O'Legacy  x  Mandigo's Midnight Blew)


June 27, 1999 - July 13, 2012





OFA hips good - OFA elbows - Eyes CERF annually

A cute, well-balanced girl with a calm, gentle but wonderfully playful personality, high intelligence and strong retrieving/hunting instincts.  We've rarely seen her without a bone in her mouth!  Mable came to me from my good friend and breeder, Patricia Cobb, Legacy Labradors, in Texas.  She produced some wonderful puppies ... sweet, intelligent and outstanding hunters, especially when bred to Jack.

Mable retired and went to live with her new "mama" Sarah, my much loved daughter-in-law, and my son, Erik (who, BTW, I ALSO love!).  To make this wonderful new family life even better, she's re-joined her 2 year-old son, Lego, who'd been hoping for a playmate!  After Sarah graduated from vet school at the U of M, they moved to Denver.  Mable has lived a wonderful life with Sarah and Erik.  I thank them for that, but we're all very sad that her time was finally up at 13 years of age.  God speed, sweet Mable.

At right is Mable at 12 years of age.




Sarah's Tribute to Mable

Loving Memories of Mable by Sarah Olson

 June 27, 1999- July 13, 2012


Mable belonged to Jenny of Tealwood Kennels until age 6, when Erik and I adopted her.  Although we only had her for 7 years, she left an imprint on our hearts forever…

If a single word was all that could be used to describe Mable, it was sweet.   A good friend always said she should have been named “Maple” because she is so sweet.   She was also loving, gentle, patient and just generally always happy to be in your company.  

A very pretty little girl, Mable was never unnoticed by anyone who met her, both because of her beauty and her kind, sweet spirit.  She was a crowd pleaser anywhere she went and her love of people was insatiable.  Mable once swam across the St. Croix River from our pontoon to another on the opposite shore because she saw and heard people laughing… she just wanted to say “hi!”

 In her younger years she was very playful and a fierce retrieving competitor, especially to her own pup and companion, Lego.   Mable loved water and tennis balls, as any good lab should. She was in heaven retrieving balls at Lake Charlotte, and was a far better dock jumper than her son!

Always a trooper, she used to be my little “guinea pig” through veterinary school.  In a four-hour casting and bandaging lab, she fell asleep as all four of her legs were cast by many appreciative vet students… whose own dogs had not been so patient.  Mable and I shared countless nights “studying” and other adventures… hundreds of practice examinations, my first surgeries; she was an instrumental companion in my journey becoming a vet.

Mable lived a very full life.  She swam, camped, and hiked mountain tops, even in her senior years.  She aged very well, healthy all her 13 years, until suddenly succumbing to cancer. Even in her last few days she remained so typically stoic, never complaining.  She was an amazing companion from start to end, and our life will never be the same without her.

Thank you Mable for all the love, joy and laughter you brought our lives.   It gives us peace to know you are safe and happy, with the angels now.  Our love for you is forever.

Sarah and Mable, the day she took her home


Mable at 12.5 years of age ... one of Sarah's favorite pictures


Picture taken just 2 days before Mable died





12 years old, at the resevoir




Mable lived a good life!  At right, little Mable snoozing with her big son, Lego




Mable @ 5.5 years



Mable @ 3.5 years

Mable at 2 1/2 years

Mable at 22 months with the nylabone she ALWAYS carries around,

sticking OUT of her mouth like a big cigar!


Mable at almost 3 years



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