Rushwind Tealwood's Classy Chasis (ylw)

Sire:  Ch. Lobuff Bobwhite At Chucklebrook, WC

Dam:  Tealwood's Spirit On The Rush


Born March 22, 2006


I am very pleased to have Porsche here at Tealwood, thanks to Becky and Dan Olson of Rushwind Labradors.  Porsche's mama was bred here at Tealwood, a littermate to my Valerie.

Porsche is a well balanced puppy with great angles front and rear, good topline, tailset, coat and substance ... and a lovely headpiece with strong pigment.  She's a charming, congenial, outgoing puppy with lots of potential.

picture @ 10 months





Porsche at 29 months, leaving with her new family, the Jeff and Amanda Kohl, Marshfield, WI

She STILL has that beautiful smile that was there as a puppy!


29 months




10 months


Porsche @ almost 9 months


Almost 9 months



Almost 9 months



8 months



8 months


Porsche @ 5 1/2 months


4 months


Porsche and Oliver retrieving at 4 months



Porsche (11 weeks) and Oliver (10 weeks)




Porsche at 12 weeks (left) and 11 weeks (right)



(left) 11 weeks - (right) 10 weeks after a swim at the pond!



At 10 weeks, we just don't care about a little MUD!


Porsche @ 9 weeks



9 weeks - (left) She has the cutest "dimples" when she smiles

(right) Porsche greeting Janelle, playing with Janelle's puppies (one week younger)



On the move at 9 weeks



9 weeks



Porsche coming home with new mama, Jenny, at 9 weeks



Porsche at 8 weeks



(left) Nice stack @ 6 weeks - (right) Lovely headshot @ 5 weeks



(left) Porsche @ 4 weeks - (right) Porsche @ 3 weeks