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Tealwood's Southern Gentleman

Sire:  Tyric Tealwood's Quick Study

Dam:  Tealwood's Strawberry Wine



Black male born August 10, 2012


Optigen Normal by parentage

Full dentition


Albert and Berry gave me an exciting opportunity ... a selection of 5 beautiful black boys!  Yes, that's my weakness, black boys!  Gentry (yellow boy) always caught my eye from the time the pups were up on their feet ... he often stood 4-square, looking so well balanced.  It was a very consistent litter, closely line-bred on Study.  With 5 lovely boys, it was not an easy decision but I'm very happy I kept this puppy (even though I should just have kept a female).

Gentry is well balanced with nice angles, a solid topline and tail right off the back.  Coat is fabulous and his head/expression is masculine and very typy.  He has a very deep chest, giving him a lot of substance; yet he has a nice reach of neck and is not overdone.  He is already a wonderful, natural retriever at 4 months ... very focused and always finds and returns to me whatever I've thrown, even if he didn't see the fall and has to search.  He has greatly impressed me in this aspect!  Plus, he is a very sweet, very loving, gentle soul ... something I always relate to.  I have high hopes for Gentry!



picture @ 6 months



Gentry at 6 months




6 months




Gentry around 5 months


Click here to see Albert teaching Gentry and Georgie to play soccer ... it was a riot of fun!!!




Gentry at 4 months





4 months




4 months



4 months



Gentry at 3 months with a PRIZE stick ... LOVE this picture!




Gentry with litter-sister, Georgie, at 4 months ... they are so similar, yet very male and female.

They often move in unison, like joineded at the hip!!!




3 months ... Go, Gentry!!!




3 months



Gentry at 8 weeks




8 weeks




Trying so hard at 6 1/2 weeks!




6 - 6.5 weeks




Gentry at 4.5 weeks




Gentry at 3 weeks



Gentry at 16 days (with Brown Boy on left)




Gentry (Yellow Boy) at 1 week




1 week



Gentry and littermates on date of birth



More pictures to be added as Gentry grows up!






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