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Tealwood's Aunt Jemima


Sire:  Tealwood's Downtown Gizmo

Dam:  Tealwood's Ciara Karina


Black female born August 28, 2007


OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal

Optigen Normal by Parentage, Eyes ACVO clear, full dentition




I was pleased to have a nice black female to keep from this litter, especially since it was Karina's last litter.  And this breeding crossed my two old bitch lines.

Jemima was a smaller puppy but, as she caught up, turned out to be a chunky, compact puppy with a lot of substance, a beautiful head, gentle expression.  She has good reach of neck and topline, fabulous front assembly, coat, tailset and tail.  Jemima displays a lot of "attitude" and is very focused.  When something catches her attention, she stands four-square, swinging her fat tail like a rudder!


picture @ 3 1/2 years



Jemima has retired and gone to live with the Hylton family

where she also has a nice young male Lab to keep her company.



Jemima at almost 6 years



Jemima and Clarice enjoying our new pool - August 2012



Jemima never WALKS into the pool, always a leap!



Jemima (front) relaxing with Berry - November 2011



March 2011




3 1/2 years



3 1/2 years



3 1/2 years




24 months




24 months




Jemima at 22 months



22 months




Jemima at 21 months




Jemima at 16 months




Jemima at 14 months



Jemima at 4 months



Jemima at 5 1/2 months



5 1/2 months



4 months



4 months



4 months



4 months



4 months



3 months



Jemima at 9 weeks



9 weeks



(left) 8 weeks - (right) 7 weeks



(left) 5 weeks - (right) 19 days


More pictures to be added as Jemima grows up!






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