"Tealwood's Symphony En Bleu (ylw)

***  Champion Pointed - WD, BOW, Oct. 2002  ***


Born January 26, 2001

Prelims on hips & elbows look excellent; eyes ACVO 2/15/02


(Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu  x  Mandigo's Summer Legacy)


"Nick" is a good looking young dog with lots of substance, short back, nice topline and tremendous tail, great rear.  Pigment is very good, as is coat.  As a puppy, Nick, a well-balanced pup with proper type, shows real potential.  I love his calm, confident "attitude" and his congenial. gentle demeanor!  

Keep an eye on this guy!

Nick taking WD & Best of Winners

October 2002 - 21 months



Nick after a swim - 27 months



Nick @ 27 months




Nick & mama at 3.5 weeks


Nick at 5 weeks ... stacked like a champ!



Nick at 5 weeks



Nick at 7 weeks



Nick at 10 1/2 weeks



10 1/2 weeks


Nick at 3 months ... what potential!


Nick at 4.5 months after a swim


Nick (center) swimming & retrieving at 4.5 months with sister Emma and mama Summer



Nick retrieving at 6 months



Nick wins 1st in 6-9 Month Puppy Class (at 7 1/2 months, only 2nd time in the ring)

LRCTC Lab Specialty - Sept.14, 2001

A good looking perfect gentleman with outstanding movement!  We were PROUD!



Nick at almost 8 months



Nick at almost 8 months


Nick at 8 months


Nick after making mud pies in the yard!

Thank God we're not heading for a dog show!!!



Nick at 11 months



Nick at 3 weeks


More pictures to be added as Nick grows up!



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