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Int'l CH Tealwood's Hit The Jackpot (ylw)

 (Multi BIS BISS Ch. Ridge View Heartland Hit Man  x  Molly D'Major of Tealwood)


July 10, 2001 - August 30, 2012

Please also visit Jack's other web page for more pictures and information.


My big, kind "Big Jack".  You left me too soon, too suddently.  Yes, I knew you were 11, but you were still so strong and healthy.  Until the brain tumor, and the seizures.  You were always so proud and regal, so "balanced", so confident.  It tore my heart out to see all of that disappear, to watch you seizure, lose control and be filled with confusion and fear.  But, who will "talk" to me now like you did?  Who will mouth my wrist in affection?  Who will wrinkle up the brow and say "what now, Mom"?  No one will ever be you.

I know you always thought that I could fix anything ... the malignant growth on your inner eye lid, your ear infections, your hot spots, your hunger, your thirst, your need for loving.  But, I couldn't fix this brain tumor, Jack.  And, I couldn't stand by and let you suffer any more seizures and confusion and fear.  

I tried to make your last couple days with me good ones.  I tried to comfort you, stayed glued by your side, slept with you.  I know you loved the hamburger breakfast I gave you the last day.  And, as I lay on the floor by your side at the vet's office and talked with you, I hoped you understood all this.  I loved you enough to let you go to a better, more peaceful place, in spite of my wanting to keep you with me.  My final act of love for you.  A part of me thinks you knew that, Jack.  When you strained to lift your head to me, just before the sedation took completely over, and gave me one last kiss on my chin ... I think that was your goodbye, and thank you, to me.  I will hold that moment forever in my heart, until I see you again.

Rest well, my special boy.  You were greatly loved and will never be forgotten.

Your Mom




Picture @ 5.5 years


Click here to see some of Jack's kids

Jack's Story

Jack was born on July 10, 2001, in a litter of 12 puppies!  I was shocked since it was my first time using frozen semen and was afraid I wouldn't get any puppies at all.  Jack's famous daddy Tony (BIS, BISS Ch. Ridge View Heartland Hit Man) was on the road with Erin, and I really wanted to do this breeding with my Molly and Tony.  There were 3 yellow boys, 3 black boys, 3 yellow girls and 3 black girls, and Jack (Red & Blue Boy) was my ultimate pick.  I also kept 2 females, Jasmine and Janelle. 

From the very beginning, Jack seemed to have his daddy's beautiful head and expression, wrinkled brows and all.  He displayed a serenity and regal confidence, even as a puppy.  And, his movement was amazing.  I still recall my friend Diane Glenny (a Lab breeder) coming to help evaluate the litter.  She and I stood in the yard as the puppies ran around; suddenly, we both turned to each other and said "did you see THAT?"  It was Jack, trotting flawlessly across the yard.  Diane said "No 7-week-old puppy is supposed to be able to move like that!".  Even up to the last month, when I watched Jack trot across my yard, it was like he was floating, topline still strong and solid, neck arched, tail wagging right off the back.  It wasn't because he had the best angulation in the world, it was because he was "balanced" and had attitude enough to reach and drive.

Jack took an immediate liking to carrying things in his mouth ... the bigger the better, the more the better!  

In these pictures, he's carrying heavy treated fence posts around the property like they were weightless!  And, from birth to the his last days, Jack collected as many toys as he could in his mouth.  Many times I watched him re-arrange the toys, "plan" how he could fit more in.  For example, he'd decide to put the ball down, get the bone, then the ball last ... it didn't work in reverse.  No one can tell me that's not analytical thinking! 


Jack LOVED to swim and retrieve.  Going to our pond in Wisconsin was the ultimate afternoon or evening.  He was super competitive, and fast ... almost always got the bumper.  Here's Jack bringing in the bumper with Gizmo and Oliver beside him.


Jack was always such a good boy, tried so hard to please me.  I think the only time I ever had to raise my voice to him was when he became obnoxious when girls were in heat.  Well, with one exception ... I think he's the one who chewed down my little cherry tree at about 8 months of age!


I started showing Jack in puppy classes and he did really well.  He loved going to shows, strutted around the ring like he owned the place.  And was always congenial with other dogs.  He was AKC champion pointed, had multiple Best of Breed wins, some over specials, and attained his UKC Int'l Champion title with all V-1 ratings.  I didn't continue to try to finish him, as he was a more moderate dog than was winning at the time.  Old timer judges loved him, others wouldn't look at him.   But, he had so many worthwhile qualities that I never felt the lack of a title detracted from his being a worthy stud dog.  This is Jack getting his first champion points, back-to-back wins his 2nd and 3rd shows out.

Jack was bred to numerous bitches and always put a lot of himself in the puppies ... especially lovely headpieces, intelligence, congenial, loving temperaments and strong retrieving/hunting abilities.  And, yes, many of his puppies always lay "spread eagle", with rear legs stretched out behind them ... and they collect as many things as they can stuff in their mouths!  And are "talkers".  I love to see those genetic mannerisms passed down!

In addition to all Jack's puppies becoming much loved family companions, he has produced outstanding hunters, service dogs, therapy dogs and one youngster now doing really well in his search and rescue training.  Jack was in such good shape right up to the end (except for the brain tumor), that he was collected for a stud service the day after the first seizure, then again 3 days before he passed on ... and his semen was still excellent.  We're hoping for a nice final litter of Jack babies.  And, I'm extremely happy to have Jack's son, Buddy, here with me.  He reminds me a lot of Jack ... and, someday, that will be a good feeling.  Here's Buddy (at 4 months) and his daddy Jack in February 2012.


I give Jack credit for raising my young boys well, teaching them by example how to be congenial and get along with each other.  My boys always run together and I've never had a dog fight, even with girls in heat around.  I hope that congeniality will continue to be passed down from them to others coming up.  Jack was always so patient with puppies, no matter what they did to him.  Somewhere I have a picture of him trotting across the yard with a puppy hanging onto his neck by the teeth!

More important than any of Jack's accomplishments is the level of totally unconditional love that he gave me.  Like most breeders, I do place some of my dogs when they're ready to retire from my breeding program.  I live with my dogs, so really know which ones will be able to make an easy transition to a wonderful family ... one where they'll be the center of the universe and get constant one-on-one attention.  I realized quite a while ago that Jack needed to be with me forever.  The clincher came when a good friend, Diane Glenny, came to pick up Jack for a weekend of shows.   Jack loved Diane and Diane loved Jack, visited often.  I was whelping a litter, so Diane just got Jack out of his crate, grabbed his supplies and headed out.  It was a surprise to Diane when Jack refused to come to her when let out in her yard, and acted depressed, didn't show well.  The next time Diane came to visit, the boys were out in the yard, at the fence waiting to greet the "visitor".  As soon as she got out of the car, Jack took one look and ran to the back corner of the yard.  For almost a year, he refused to come near her.  It really hurt Diane's feeling, as she loved Jack.  We figured that he somehow  thought that, since she always said she was going to "steal" him and take him home with her, she really intended to do that.  It was obvious that Big Jack needed to stay with me.  And I cherish every day I've had with him, especially the final moments when I was there to give him comfort, and let him know how much I loved him.

A favorite picture of Jack at 5.5 years after a swim
I like to remember him this way

Jack's Last Days:

Jack's last morning breakfast ... hamburger with salt and garlic

Last morning walk

Jack's bed by my couch in the family room.

Still beautiful, just older.

Even the last evening, he still enjoyed chewing on a bone


But, in confusion from the brain tumor, Jack started to woof and hollar
at me, maybe trying to tell me something, trying to connect.

After the first seizure, Jack got a kennel run with his big cushion bed ... to be sure he had enough space if he seizured during the night.
The last 2 nights, we slept together in the family room.

July 27, 2012 - One of Jack's first and last days enjoying our pool.

Jack and his 4-month-old son Buddy charming visitors.

Jack and Buddy giving kisses to visitors.

Jack at 9 years of age, sprawled out.




Jack with Nick, Valerie and Walter at the pond with my son, Erik (2007)



Jack - Best of Breed over special

Minnesota River Valley KC - 4/3/04 - Judge Stephen Hurt




Jack at 6 years


6 years




Jack @ 4.5 years



Jack at 5 years


Well, Jack got BOTH bumpers, kids!



Jack's always so patient with the youngsters!

(left) with Lily, 2004 -  (right) being mauled by Calvin, 2005



(left) with Valerie, 2003 - (right) with Walter, 2003





Jack @ 2 years & 2.5 years (right)




Jack @ 22 months



Jack @ 22 months with Valerie & Walter



Jack enjoying the hotel bed after a hard day at the Duluth 2003 show



Jack taking Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the Mpls. KC show 11/30/03

(from respected judge Betty Sandberg, beautifully show by friend Diane Glenny)



Jack doing his favorite thing @ 22 months


22 months




My son Erik loves "big Jack" (5/03)



Jack with his fence post @ 15 months ... what a face!!!





Jack, "King of the Couch" @ 9 months




Jack at 6 months ... really developing his front!



                         Jack at 5 months                   Jack (in background) with sister Jasmine





Jack at 5 1/2 weeks






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