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Int'l CH Tealwood's Hit The Jackpot (ylw)

 (Multi BIS BISS Ch. Ridge View Heartland Hit Man  x  Molly D'Major of Tealwood)


July 10, 2001 - August 30, 2012

I'm saddened to say that my beloved Jack has passed away.  Please click here to visit his Memorial Page.


OFA hips good - OFA elbows

OFA cardiac clearance (cardiologist)

Eyes ACVO clear, Optigen tested "Normal/Clear" for PRA

EIC tested clear, Full dentition


Attained his Int'l CH title with all V-1 ratings

AKC Champion Pointed with multiple BOB wins


Jack has a gorgeous masculine head and expression, strong front assembly and pigment, perfect topline & tailset, excellent movement.  A real showman with a joyous  personality, Jack's always strutting with his head held high ensuring that HE gets noticed.  He's also a super aggressive retriever but, on the other hand, Jack is a calm, gentle, loving, very attentive guy, wonderful with kids, little puppies, etc.   He's a natural for therapy work at nursing homes, bringing joy to many lonely, old people.  Jack is putting a lot of his best qualities into his puppies no matter who he's bred to, including strong hunting abilities.   Jack's semen is still outstanding at 10 1/2 years of age!


Jack also has sired litters for service dog organizations, and one of his kids became a certified search and rescue dog in Dec, 2013.

Click to see article on one of his kids, a diabetic alert dog.




Picture @ 5.5 years


Click here to see some of Jack's kids



Jack at 5.5 years after a swim


Jack was still a beautiful boy, just older - August 29, 2012


August 29, 2012



August 29, 2012.  Jack still lays "spread eagle", with legs out behind him 



Jack and his 4-month son, Buddy, enjoying visitors (February 2012) 




Jack at almost 9 years ... he always lays with legs sprawled out behind!



Jack - Best of Breed over special

Minnesota River Valley KC - 4/3/04 - Judge Stephen Hurt



Jack's first champion wins/points, 2nd & 3rd shows out

WD and Best of Winners back-to-back

Indianhead KC, May 31 & June 1, 2003




Jack at 6 years


6 years




Jack @ 4.5 years



Jack at 5 years


Well, Jack got BOTH bumpers, kids!



Jack's always so patient with the youngsters!

(left) with Lily, 2004 -  (right) being mauled by Calvin, 2005



(left) with Valerie, 2003 - (right) with Walter, 2003





Jack @ 2 years & 2.5 years (right)




Jack @ 22 months



Jack @ 22 months with Valerie & Walter



Jack enjoying the hotel bed after a hard day at the Duluth 2003 show



Jack taking Winners Dog & Best of Winners at the Mpls. KC show 11/30/03

(from respected judge Betty Sandberg, beautifully show by friend Diane Glenny)



Jack doing his favorite thing @ 22 months


22 months




My son Erik loves "big Jack" (5/03)



Jack with his fence post @ 15 months ... what a face!!!



Jack collects multiple toys just to prove he CAN ... a real hambone at 15 months!



And fence posts ... a favorite outside toy!





Jack, "King of the Couch" @ 9 months



Jack at 8 months and the cherry tree that disappeared!




Jack at 6 months ... really developing his front!



                         Jack at 5 months                   Jack (in background) with sister Jasmine




Jack at 10 weeks



8 weeks



Jack at 5 1/2 weeks






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