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Tealwood Timberpond's Ted, JH

Sire:  BISS Ch. Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress (Armani)

Dam:  Blackthorn Tiz'a Lizzy at Tealwood (Lizzy)




Yellow male born March 27, 2008




Breeders: Jennifer Mitchell & Barbara Gilchrist


Ted is co-owned with Tom Hanchette, La Crosse, WI

He lives with and is loved by Tom and his lovely family


OFA hips good, OFA elbows normal, Eyes CERF

EIC & CNM clear, Optigen carrier, Full dentition


Lizzy only had 3 puppies in Ted's litter ... 3 HUGE but lovely puppies.  Barb took the pick show female, per our agreement.  Her "Auggie", shows promise, having taken RWB and Best Puppy at the Golden Gate specialty at only 6 months.  I kept co-own on this nice boy, but let him live with the Hanchette family in La Cross, WI.

Ted was shown some as a youngster, enough for me to see his wonderful movement ... and the happy, animated personality of his mama.  Unfortunately, due to some health problems in the family, he has not been shown yet in maturity.  Ted has a beautiful headpiece, lovely reach of neck, solid topline and tailset right off the back.  He is well balanced with a good front assembly and matching rear.  Pigment is strong, good coat and nice golden color. 

I am very proud to announce that Ted, with help from Tom, obtained his Junior Hunt title in July 2011!  What a team!!!




Quote from Ted Hanchette


"Ted has a wonderful personality.  Fun loving, vocal with "bear-like" grunts when playing with us.  Just an absolute joy of a dog.  Very strong dog with rippled muscles in hindquarters and shoulders....probably from being hooked up to a harness for Skijoring and "snow-shoejoring" with me on our hills.  He is 80 pounds of pure muscle.  He has strong retriever drive and excellent water entry when retrieving, just leaps with a burst into the water.  Hoping to get his junior hunt title this summer if all goes well on the home front here."




Ted at in late February 2011 @ almost 3 years


Almost 3 years


Ted, with Tom, after getting the first leg toward his Junior Hunt title.

He completed his JH in July 2011!




(left) Ted and Tom in the show ring in November 2008 - (right) At the lake at 5 months


Ted, already bringing in the birds at 7 months!




At the lake at 5 months




Ted giving kisses to Jenny at 7 weeks ... he's was SUCH a cutie!



Ted at 6 weeks



5 weeks 



4.5 weeks ... what a CHUNK and what a personality!



2.5 weeks 




3 days of age



Ted's littermate sister, "Auggie"


Blackthorn's Augusta O'Tealwood

Lizzy's daughter "Auggie" winning RWB & Best Puppy at the Golden Gate Specialty @ 6.5 months!

Sired by "Armani" - CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress

Auggie is owned and shown by Barbara Gilchrist, Blackthorn Labradors


Congrats to Barb and Auggie!!!



Auggie at 8 months




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