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WHL Stanley Struttin' at Tealwood



August 12, 2006 - December, 2012



* Champion Pointed - Specialty Class Wins*


Sire:  Ch. Hyspire One More Strutt

Dam:  Ghoststone Timeless Moment, WC


OFA hips good, OFA elbows

Eyes ACVO clear @ 7 weeks & annually

Optigen Normal by parentage, Full dentition


I am very sad to say that Stanley has prematurely crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  He died in a freak accident at his owner's place in Minnesota.  Stanley was a sweet, happy and life-loving boy, a joy to live with and a joy to show.  I am greatly saddened to hear of his passing, and sadder yet that I wasn't there to comfort him myself in his fear and pain.  God speed, my "Stanley Steamer".  I will see you again some day, will know it's YOU right away when I see your sparkling smile.  Love forever from your first mama.


Stanley is now co-owned with Welcome Home Labradors

and lives with Gina & Bryce Shervheim & their family in Minnesota.

www.welcomehomelabs.com  -  bryceandgina@yahoo.com


Stanley comes to Tealwood from Whispering Hills Labradors and is showing potential for "struttin' " into a promising show career like his daddy "Morgan" and full uncle "Strutts".  He picked up his first points with a BOW at 13 months, his 2nd day out.   He's a really fun puppy with a ton of personality, attitude and intelligence.  Loves to retrieve, swim and wonderfully tolerant of puppies!

Stanley is extremely well-balanced with wonderful angles front and rear, strong topline, good bone, lovely movement, gorgeous color and pigment, powerful rear and one of the hardest, most-correct coats I've ever seen on a yellow.  I think he has a bright future!  Thanks so much Jeff and Heather!



picture @ 3 1/2 years






1st in Open Yellow - TCLRC August 2008 - almost 2 years old




Stanley at 32 months




(left) Stanley @ 22 months - (right) a happy headshot @ 15 months



A 2-point BOS in Eau Claire - 4/08




November 2008



Stanley's first points - 13 months

(unfortunately, he lurched forward trying to get the photographer's toy!)






15 months



15 months


Freestack at 1 year


1 year



14 months - a very happy boy!


14 months


1 year



Stanley playing at the pond


You've gotta be fast to beat out the other dogs!




Ready to go again!




At 10 months, Stanley had stitches in a gash on his side

Looks like an ANGEL in the e-collar, doesn't he!!!



But it didn't slow him down much once he accepted it!




9 months



Stanley at 7.5 months


After a swim at 7.5 months



Oh, SO much fun!!! (7.5 months)



Playing with 12-week old Natalie (left) - Stanley's SO good with puppies!



7.5 months



7 months


"Mr. Attitude" @ 11 weeks!



Stanley at 5 1/2 months


5 1/2 months



Look at this fabulous coat at 4.5 months!



Stanley @ 4.5 months



Stanley @ 3.5 months (with his best friend Trinket)



Stanley @ 11 weeks




11 weeks



11 weeks


11 weeks



11 weeks



Stanley at 7 weeks



More pictures to be added as Stanley grows up!






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