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Molly D'Major of Tealwood


(Brandywines Master Centurion  x  Brandywine's Iron Mistress)


May 31, 1997  -  January 18, 2008



It is with great sadness that I had to say goodbye to my beloved Molly.  At over 10 1/2 years, she still was in excellent condition ... except for the cancer that set in the last couple months.  She died peacefully in my arms ... a safe, happy place for an old girl who slept on my bed almost every night.

Everyone loved Molly.  She had the ultimate Labrador temperament, calm, sweet, loving, cooperative, tried so hard to please.  Yet she was a dynamo retriever, even to the last summer when we went to the pond.  She was the best mama, loving and nurturing her babies with complete devotion ... and always retained a special, forever bond with her kids.

Molly came from my old bloodlines, so it pleases me that she's been such a wonderful producer.  Her memory and wonderful qualities live on through her  kids, grandkids and great-grandkids ... perfect temperament for family companions and strong potential for conformation, hunting and performance competition ... true all-purpose Labradors.

Rest well, my "sweet Dolly".  Run free and joyously with your granddaddy Major, grandma Dyna, grandpa Mac and even some of your babies who didn't make it.  I miss you so much but will never forget the love we shared.

With love, 



OFA hips good, OFA elbows

Eyes CERF annually up to 8 years


Molly at 10 1/2 years




Molly at 10.5 years



Molly at almost 9 years



9 years



9 years - still such a happy, healthy girl!



9 years



Molly (middle) at 10 years with daughter Karina (right)

 and granddaughter Valerie (left)





Molly swimming with granddaughter Valerie ... & snoozing on the bed (7 years)



Molly on my bed with her daughters Janelle and Karina - 2004



Molly @ 4 years




Molly at 4 years


Molly - 2 years



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