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Tealwood Just Wanna Be Me

Sire:  Ch. Huckleberry's How Do You Like Me Now

Dam:  Tealwood's Broadway Hit



Yellow female born April 3, 2014


Optigen Normal by parentage

EIC clear by parentage


Bred by Jennifer Mitchell and Amanda Porrett


Mimi is a lovely, perky youngster with a mind of her own.  I decided to name her after her grandma Morgan (Tealwood's Wanna Be A Winner), and her personality dictated both her registered name and call name!  She really wants to do her own thing, but eventually is willing to obey.

When Mimi arrived here from Minnesota at 9 weeks of age, she was sweetly greeted by her grandma Morgan.  Tragically, 3 months later, Morgan was hit by a truck and killed.  I'll never stop grieving, but this makes Mimi even more special to me since both her grandparents, Morgan and Jack, are now gone.

Mimi loves people, is very congenial with other dogs.  She loves to retrieve and swim.  She has a gorgeous head, much like her mama and granddaddy Jack, outstanding pigment, good coat, topline and tailset.  She's a fun puppy and I thank co-breeder Amanda Porrett for raising this litter and bringing her to me.  (You can see her mama Isla's page under Previous Dogs.)




picture @ 9 months




More head shots at 9 months





Mimi at 9 months



At the back door at 6 months

Oh, no, baby girl ... you're NOT coming in with another hunk of my back yard!





Looking over her domain at 5 months

I love this photo ... about 3.5 months


Mimi greeting her uncle Buddy (littermate to her mama Isla)




16 weeks




9 weeks




Just TOO cute at 9 weeks!




Amanda and Matt arrive in Virginia with little Mimi - 9 weeks




And, she is lovingly greeted by her grandma, Morgan ...







And, Morgan shares one of her favorite toys with little Mimi.  So sweet.




Mimi at 7 weeks





More pictures to be added as Mimi grows up!



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