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Legacy's Major Mandigo (chlt) - Champion Pointed


(Ch. The Fonz of Majyk Hill  x  Legacy's Charlie Brown)


OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows, eyes CERF @ 10+ years, full dentition




"Major" is, without exception, the most intelligent dog I've ever owned, the one who reads my mind and strives to be perfect.  A true alpha male, he took #1 position of my pack at 5 months of age, immediately gaining the love and respect of all the girls.  He is a very dark "hershey" chocolate with wonderful dark, expressive eyes.  Major is a well-balanced dog with exceptional movement and "attitude" that always demanded attention in the show ring, as well as good nose,  strong retrieving and hunting instincts.  Unfortunately,   I was not able to travel at the time he needed the bigger shows to get his two majors, thus he never finished his championship.  But in my heart and mind, Major is truly a champion!  He always puts a lot of himself in his puppies no matter who he's bred to and has produced outstanding dogs over the years ... exceptional hunters, the #1 drug detection dog in Arkansas, and many wonderful loving family companions.  At almost 11  years of age, he's still going strong, moves like a dream, cleared his eye exam in August, 2001 and has sperm count and motility like a kid!


Click here to go to Major's memorial page





Major at 18 months


The #1 aplha male sometimes has special privileges!


Major still going strong at 9 years!



Major looking good at 10 years



Major @ 10 1/2 years - a little gray but still "my SPECIAL GUY"!





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