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Blackthorn Tiz' A Lizzy at Tealwood

Sire:  Trinity's Titus

Dam:  Ch. Blackthorn Katmai Jezebel


Major Champion Pointed - Multiple Specialty Class Wins & Placements  *


Born July 21, 2005

OFA hips good, OFA elbows

Eyes CERF annually, Optigen carrier, EIC normal, Full dentition


I am very happy to welcome Lizzy to Tealwood!  She has a wonderful pedigree of proven bloodlines, doubled up on Dickendall Ruffy, and goes back to  Strutts, Dillon and one of my all-time favorites Monarch's Black Arrogance.  Lizzy has LOADS of attitude and a delightful personality, nice bone, strong topline, very nice angles, tailset, pigment and substance. Lizzy's very well-balanced and moves like a dream!  She's champion pointed from puppy class and recently picked up a 4-point major (BOW/BOS) at the TCLRC supported entry on 1/4/09.  Thank you, Barb, for sending Lizzy to Tealwood!

See Lizzy's puppy (by Armani) below winning RWB & Best Puppy at the 2008 Golden Gate specialty, only 6 1/2 months old!  Go Auggie!  And another daughter, Pauley, having fun doing Rally.  Also, see Lizzy's son, Ted, under The Boys.

picture @ 2.5 years



Lizzy has retired and gone to live with a wonderful family in Oakwood, IL ... Alice and Ed Vernon

Love and miss you, Lizzy!!!



Lizzy leaving with her new family on 10/29/11



She's going to have lots of fun and activities ... and a nice 4-legged friend, Tommie Girl (on the right)


Lizzy with her new family at Christmas



Best of Breed win - April 2009


Best of Winners, Best of Opposite - a 4-point major at the TCLRC supported entry 1/4/09

under respected judge Patricia Trotter





Casual pictures in the ring - 1/4/09


Lizzy at 6 years, still super fast and athletic, fabulous retriever!



Oh, yea!  Throw it again!!!

Lizzy, Berry and cousin Linda - March 2009



November 2008



November 2008




(left) Headshot at 20 months - (right) Lizzy at 26 months




Blackthorn's Augusta O'Tealwood

Lizzy's daughter "Auggie" winning RWB & Best Puppy at the Golden Gate Specialty @ 6.5 months!

Sired by "Armani" - CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress

Owned and shown by Barbara Gilchrist, Blackthorn Labradors

Congrats to Barb and Auggie!!!



Auggie at 8 months




Tealwood's Montana Girl, RN, CGC and 2 legs towards her CD


Lizzy's daughter "Pauley", getting her first 2 Rally Novice legs in May 2009

Sired by "Armani" - CH Ghoststone Hyspire Dressed To Impress

Owned and much loved by Barb Hengelfelt

Barb and Pauley are having lots of fun, congrats to both!!!


I am greatly saddened to say that Barb Hengelfelt has passed away from a major heart

attack.  She was a wonderful, huge-hearted lady and will be greatly missed by many.

Pauley now lives with Barb's sister and lives a good life in spite of losing her "mama".




Lizzy at 20 months


20 months


20 months




Lizzy at 18 months & 20 months


Lizzy wins her 12-15 month Sweeps class @ 13 months

at the LRCTC specialty 8/25/06



Lizzy @ 13 months



Lizzy @ 10 months, Best of Breed win and first points from puppy class!

Eau Claire, June 4, 2006 (shown by Kayla Kozak)


Lizzy after a swim @ 9 months


9 months


9 months - Lizzy took to water retrieves her first day out!


Lizzy @ 9 months teaching her (older) Water Spaniel friend what it's all about!


9 months



9 months


Lizzy @ 7.5 months


7.5 months


7.5 months


7.5 months


How 'bout a DANCE???


Lizzy @ 6 months


Lizzy @ 12 weeks


12 weeks


12 weeks



12 weeks


12 weeks



12 weeks ... with attitude!



12 weeks


12 weeks


Lovely puppy at 7 weeks






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