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Puppy Pictures


Yellow litter born October 15, 2014

(Tealwood Hit Me With Your Best Shot  x  Tealwood Add A Step To The Strutt)



Addie and her babies the day after whelping

(left to right)  Turquoise Girl, Burgundy Girl, Peach Girl and Blue Boy 





Whelping ... first puppy born (Peach Girl) at left with Dominique, and all 4 puppies when almost done. 




3 days:  (left) Turquoise and Burgundy Girls - (right) Burgundy Girl




Peach Girl at 3 days





(left) Blue Boy & Burgundy Girl at 3 days  - (right) Blue Boy at 6 days



6 Days: (left) Burgundy Girl - (right) Turquoise Girl




Blue Boy at 6 days





Burgundy Girl at 6 days




Peach Girl at 6 days




Addie and 3 of her babies at 8 days





Puppies at the "milk bar" at 8 days ... look at the crazy positioning in the first picture!



8 Days:  Burgundy Girl, Turquoise Girl, Blue Boy and Peach Girl




Blue Boy at 8 days




The 3 girls at 8 days ... look at those great tails!




12 Days:  (left) Blue Boy and Burgundy Girl - (right) Blue Boy, Burgundy and Turquoise Girls

Notice the fabulous pigment! 




Peach Girl at 12 days




The three girls at 2.5 weeks




2.5 weeks



(left to right)  Blue Boy, Burgundy Girl, Turquoise Girl & Peach Girl at 3 weeks




Just over 3 weeks, they're having a great time running around the whelping room!




3+ weeks:  Blue Boy (left) - the Girls (right)




Turquoise Girl at 3+ weeks



Peach Girl at 3+ weeks



Burgundy Girl at 3+ weeks





3 1/2 weeks:  (left) Burgundy Girl - (right) Blue Boy




Burgundy Girl at 3 1/2 weeks




3 1/2 weeks:  Not sure who is on the left  -  Peach Girl on the right




Puppies playing at 3 1/2 weeks  -  Burgundy snuggling with a visitor ... so precious!




Turquoise Girl at 3.5 weeks ... fell sound asleep as the visitor stroked her belly!




Turquoise Girl at 3.5 weeks




Great photos of true "puppy love"!  This was Burgundy Girl at 3.5 weeks with visitors.



I could see it earlier but, by 5 weeks, it is SO evident that all these puppies got that famous head and expression from

Tony, Jack and now Buddy.  It apparently is very prepotent, and seems to come through with virtually any breeding.  Nice! 

We have the eye shape, eye set, even the wrinkles and folds at the brow line, and the focus and intelligence in expression ... I love it!



Turquoise Girl and Blue Boy at 5.5 weeks




Blue Boy, the only boy,  is so handsomel at 5.5 weeks!




5.5 weeks:  (left) Peach Girl  -  (right)  Turquoise Girl




5.5 weeks:  (left) Turquoise Girl  -  (right) Burgundy Girl ... they look SO much alike!




Burgundy Girl at 5.5 weeks





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