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Tealwood's Southern Biscuit

Sire:  Ch. Talimar's Trendsetter (Blake)

Dam:  Tealwood's Rosanna Danna





Yellow female born April 19, 2010


Breeders: Pam Hand, DVM & Jennifer Mitchell


OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows normal, Eyes ACVO clear,

Optigen clear by parentage, EIC clear by parentage, Full dentition

(Click here for copies of clearances)


Pam and I were co-breeders on this litter but Biscuit was whelped and raised by Pam in Virginia before I relocated here ... thus her name.  She has littermates who have succeeded in their training for service dogs, a credit to her breeding and early socialization.  Thank you, Pam, for doing such a good job with this litter, and Clare Senfield for evaluating the litter and selecting Biscuit for me!

Biscuit has tons of confidence and a playful, outgoing personality.  She loves everyone she meets and knows exactly how to play up to them so they think she's a little doll!  She handled our relocation at only 5 months of age, and being thrown in with the big girls, totally undaunted.  She is well balanced, good angles, great coat and pigment, substantial rear and a strong topline,  She loves to swim and retrieve, and has learned to play soccer with Berry and Addie.  Biscuit is developing a lovely headpiece with lots of expression. Unfortunately, I have not been able to do any shows to speak of in the last couple years, but hope to get Biscuit out later in 2013.




picture @ 2 1/2 years




Biscuit at 3 years




2 1/2 years




27 months



27 months








Biscuit loves to swim and retrieve; at right is a battle with Morgan




Here's Biscuit on January 20, 2013, the night before whelping her first litter of puppies.

She was SO cute and pudgy!  And was a real trooper delivering the litter of 7 lovely puppies, sired by Albert.





2 years




Biscuit LOVES Clarice ... she snuggles up so Clarice will mother her, lick her ears, etc.  So sweet!



Biscuit at 14 months




14 months



14 months



11 months





10 months



10 months


10 months




Biscuit at Buddy Voshell's kennel - about 6-7 months


In Buddy's yard - November 2010

(Berry taught her how to play soccer with it!)


Biscuit's Daddy "Blake"
(owned by Trudy Rose, Talimar Labradors)


Biscuit's mama "Rosanna"




(left) Biscuit's the one in the water pail!  -  (right) Biscuit with Lizzy's singleton puppy


9 weeks 


More pictures to be added as Biscuit grows up!






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