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BISS Am, Can. Ch. Clarion's Bad A I Wanna Be, MH, WC, CGC, Can. MH, WCX (blk/y)

* Specialty Winner and the 21st Champion/Master Hunter in breed history *

BISS Ch. Cherry Oak's Dillon Sundance  x  Huchu's Naughty By Nature


OFA hips good, Wind Morgan hips/elbows/shoulders/hocks clear;

OFA cardiac clearance; thyroid clearance;

Eyes: ACVO clear @ 7 weeks & annually,  Optigen "A" tested clear of PRA



Hooper is an exceptional dog with major titles at both ends ... conformation and working titles.  He has virtually every genetic clearance available, is a lovely "typy" Labrador with exceptional movement, presence, good angulation and balance as well as a wonderful happy, loving temperament, great sense of humor, trainability and working ability.  He's proven that a quality "show Lab" can do it all and goes down in history as the 21st Labrador to attain his show championship and Master Hunter title ... no small accomplishment!



Owned & loved by

Jeanna Brushwood, Windrose Labradors



The gentle, serious side of Hooper



I am sorry to say that Hooper passed away on June 11, 2009 at the age of 13.  He was a fabulous Labrador and I feel honored to have had the opportunity to breed to him, and now have some wonderful Hooper kids and grandkids.  His legacy lives on.

Jeanna wrote such a touching message when Hooper died (below) that I felt it should be published.  God speed, Hooper.


It is with great sadness that I must report that Hooper passed away quietly in his sleep this morning.  His death was not unexpected as he had been diagnosed with a tumor near his heart last month.  However, he was happy until the end and was in no pain.  He was 13.  He outlived all of my Dobermans and was enjoying retirement as a single dog. He passed away on his own terms, sleeping for the last time next to my bed. 

Hooper was my first Labrador and the perfect counterpoint to the Dobermans he shared his life with. Always happy and always a toy in his mouth, he was, at heart, an old soul and always wise. There was never an angry bone in his body.  He tolerated the Dobermans stealing his toys and his rawhides because he knew he'd always get them back in the end.

Hooper had many achievements in his life.  He was the 21st Champion/Master Hunter, a Best in Specialty winner, a multi-group placing dog in Canada and the first dual country Champion/Master Hunter in the history of the breed.  He was also the first dog to sire Ch/MH litter brothers. 

As proud as I was of his achievements, I am far more proud of the way that he reproduced himself.  He has produced many talented and titled kids, both in the US and Canada.  He was judiciously bred to select bitches. He was advertised as "at study to accomplished bitches" and I believe that he was only bred to quality bitches.  I am happy to say that I turned down more breedings than I accepted.  He produced titled kids in all arenas:  conformation, hunting, obedience and agility.  His kids inherited his wonderful temperament and working ability. I want to thank all of you who have bred to him as well as those who own his kids and grand kids. You have all made me proud and grateful beyond anything I can express. I am lucky to have a small supply of frozen semen stored.

Officially he was BISS Am/Can Ch Clarion's Bad As I Wanna Be, CD, Am/Can MH, WCX, CGC, but to most people he was simply Hooper. 

Sleep well my big Boo...



The gentle, serious side of Hooper




(left to right)

Ruthless Blazin' Brently, Clarion's Bad As I Wanna Be, Franklin's Pickpocket at Kerrybrook


Selected as part of the 2000 National Specialty

 to represent the highly respected Champion/Master Hunters of the breed


Hooper receiving a coveted Judge's Award of Merit at the 2000 National Specialty



Hooper happy  ... and intense!


Hooper doing what he was born to do!


And finishing his show championship!





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