Black Litter Born May 1, 2002

Legacy's Major Mandigo ("Major")  x  Legacy's Stage Hand ("Mable")

Sire:OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows, eyes CERF 8/01 @ age 10

Dam: OFA hips good, OFA elbows, eyes CERF 2/02

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We're excited about trying this breeding, hoping that Mable inherited the chocolate recessive gene from her daddy (50% chance) or her mama (another 50% chance);  if so, we'll have blacks and chocolates; if not, the litter will be all black but all will carry the chocolate recessive for future breeding.  Either way, this should be an outstanding breeding for intelligence, strong retrieving instincts, and trainability, as both parents excel in these qualities.  Pups will have proper type, could be nice show prospects, but I'd almost bet my life on strong prospects for obedience and agility competition and AKC hunt tests!  Combined with nice calm, loving temperaments and a strong desire to please, we'll definitely have wonderful family companions.

 Major is the most intelligent Lab I've ever come across, intuitive, so eager to please, with very strong enthusiasm and drive for retrieving, good nose, etc.  He's champion pointed and I regret that I never got him out to get the two majors to finish.  He puts his intelligence and personality into virtually all his pups and has produced many exceptional hunters over the years, and the #1 drug detection dog in Arkansas.  Very dark (hershey) chocolate with beautiful dark eye, excellent movement.  Dam is a pretty, smaller female with good substance, nice angles, lots of rear, feminine head and expression, and a cute, loving, disposition.  "Mable" has great retrieving instincts and we rarely see her without a bone or ball  in her mouth!  I was very impressed with a pup from her first litter that I kept until 4+ months... very smart, cooperative, quick learner ... and the courage to take off swimming and retrieving with two older dogs at 8 weeks of age!  Mable goes back to the legendary BISS Amer, Can, Mex, 1978 World & Int'l Ch. Franklin's Golden Mandigo, CD, WCX four times in six generations and Major goes back to him twice in six generations, so we're concentrating some very nice blood.

Puppies will be available to approved show and/or pet homes and select breeders. Currently taking deposits.  If interested, please e-mail inquiry, including a synopsis of what type of puppy you are looking for, your lifestyle, facilities and purpose and plans for acquiring a dog, or call 715-643-7313.

All puppies guaranteed, well socialized, vaccinated, de-wormed, dew claws removed.


Mable whelped six BIG puppies the evening of May 1, 2002, 3 males and 3 females ... ranging in size from 17 to 22 ounces!  We both worked hard for these puppies, Mable pushing and me pulling, but all were strong and are doing fine.  Unfortunately, no chocolates, but with only six puppies, still can't rule out the possibility of her having the chocolate recessive.

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Legacy's Major Mandigo (chlt) - "Major"

      (champion pointed)

Ch. The Fonze of Majyk Hill  x  Legacy's Charlie Brown

OFA Hips excellent, OFA Elbows, CERF  2001 @ 10 years

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Legacy's Stage Hand (Blk/y) - "Mable"

(Ch. Trini T's Cozbi Coz O'Legacy  x  Mandigo's Midnight Blew )

OFA  hips good, OFA elbows, CERF 2/02

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Dam's daddy:
Ch. Trini T's Cozbi Coz O'Legacy (Y/c)

(Ch.Trini T's Arnie  x  Ch.Sundance's Chivas of Ambyth, CD)

OFA hips good, OFA elbows, eyes clear @ 10 years

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Dam's mama:
Mandigo's Midnight Blew (B/y/c)

(Mandigo's Henley Hofennfefer  x  Mandigo's Windriver Calliope)

OFA hips excellent, OFA elbows, eyes CERF

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Dam's granddaddy:
Mandigo's Henley Hofennfefer (Y/c)

(Ch. Trini T's Cozbi Coz O'Legacy  x  Charisma's Mandigo Annie Lou)

Hips & Eyes Clear

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Dam's gramdma:

Mandigo's Windriver Calliope (B/y)

(Calliopes Quigley of Chardon  x  Mandigo's Fuzzy Navel)

Hips & Eyes Clear

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Sire's great-granddaddy:

Ch. Poolstead Private Member (Y)

(Ch. Poolstead Problem, SH  x  Poolstead Piccadilly)

Hips and eyes clear

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Sire's great- granddaddy:

Follytower Augustus (C)

(Amer, Eng. Ch. Sorn Sandpiper of Follytower, CD  x 

    Ch. Follytower Augusta)

Hips and eyes clear

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Dam's great-gramdma:

Mandigo's Fuzzy Navel (Y)

(Mandigo's Sherman Tank  x  Mandigo's Windriver Athena)
OFA hips, eyes CERF


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Dam's great-great-granddaddy (twice)

      and Sire's great-great granddaddy:

BISS Amer, Can, Mex, 1978 World, Int'l Ch. 

    Franklin's Golden Mandigo, CD,WCX (Y)

(Ch.Shamrock Acres Light Brigade x Ch.Franklin's Tally of Burywood)
Hips/eyes clear

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Dam's great-granddaddy:

Amer, Can. Ch. Rainell's Dynasty (B/y)

(Ch. Jayncourt Ajoco Justice  x  Ch. Finchingfield Indigo, JH)
Hips/eyes clear

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Dam's great-great-granddaddy:

Ch. Jayncourt Ajoco Justice (B/y)

(Eng.Show Ch. Ballyduff Marketeer  x  Ch.Jayncourt Star Performer)
Hips/eyes clear

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Dam's great-great-granddaddy:

BIS Ch. Charisma's Lone Star Rick (Y)

            Top Winning Show Dog in History of the Breed

(Amer,Can,Mex,1978 World,Int'l Ch. Franklin's Golden Mandigo, CD,WCX  x  Tanglewood Sassy Celina, WC)
Hips/eyes clear

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Dam's great-great-granddaddy:

BIS Ch. Shamrock Acres Light Brigade (Y)

            2nd Top Winning Show Dog in Breed History and

            Top Producer in Breed History
(Ch.Shamrock Acres Casey Jones x Whygin Busy Belinda)
OFA Hips

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Dam's great-great-grandma:

Ch. Franklin's Tally of Burywood (Y)

        2nd top producing dam in breed history (16 champions)

(Ch.Franklin's Sun Star  x  Ch.Franklin's Spring Dawn)
Hips/eyes clear

Link not available


Dam's great-great-granddaddy:

Amer, Can. Ch. Governor Woody's Best, CD, WC (Y)

(Wyntercreek Autumn Tyee  x  Keelcroft's Charisma)

Hips/eyes clear

Pedigree of Breeding

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