Tealwood Labrador Retrievers


Shiloh's Tessa At Tealwood (ylw)

Eyes clear @ 8 weeks -  DOB 3/20/04


Sire:  "Sunny"


Am, Can. Ch. Shiloh's Scenic Sundancer (ylw)



OFA hips prelim excellent

OFA elbows prelim normal

OFA cardiac clearance

Eyes clear @ 8 weeks & annually

Eyes Optigen B1

Full dentition

DNA #V252211


BISS Ch. Cherry Oaks Dillon Sundance (ylw)


Sire of multiple champions & specialty winners, a Master Hunter & multiple Junior Hunters


OFA hips good, OFA elbows;

Eyes ACVO clear @ 12 years

Ch. Marshland Blitz (blk/y)


OFA hips good

Ch. Allegheny's Eclipse (blk/y)

OFA hips


Ch. Eireannach Black Coachman (blk/y)

Ch. Allegheny Bezique (blk)

Ch. Marshland Paisley Broon (ylw)

OFA hips good


Ch. Elysium's Thunderstorm (blk/y)

Hawkett Paisley Amber Breeze (ylw)

Cherry Oaks Sunshine (ylw)


OFA hips


Brooklands Break Dancer (ylw)

OFA hips good

Eng. Sh. Ch, Am. Ch. Receiver of Cranspire (ylw)

Sandylands Dundancer (ylw)

Cherry Oaks Golden Girl (ylw)

OFA hips

Shamrock Acres Hurricane


Mandigo's Desert Poppy

Ch. Remedy's Scenic Cruiser, CD, CGC (ylw)


Multiple Best of Breed Wins, Group & Specialty Placements 


OFA hips good

OFA elbows

Eyes CERF annually

OFA cardiac clearance

BIS, BISS Am, Can. Ch. Boradors Alligator Shoes, JH (ylw)


OFA hips good, OFA elbows

Eyes clear annually

Boradors Wingmasters Ernie-K (ylw)

OFA hips excellent

Wingmaster's Just Another Fella (ylw)

Boradors Grindle Goodwitch (ylw)

Ch. Boradors Sequined Slippers (ylw)

OFA hips good

Ch. Autumns Thunder Visions, JH (ylw)

Boradors Valentine Katie (ylw)

Boradors Twisted Sister (blk/y)

Champion Pointed

Dam of multiple champions & BiSS bitch


OFA hips good


BISS Am, Can. Ch. Boradors Significant Brother, Am/Can. CD (blk)

OFA hips good

Ch. Sir Duke of Muskelunge (ylw)

Ch. Boradors Just A Joyride (blk)

Boradors Grindle Goodwitch (ylw)

OFA hips good

Am, Can. Ch. Beautawns Captain Diggorty, CD, WC, JH (blk)

Boradors Colby (ylw)


Dam:  "Bekah"

Am, Can. CH Beulahlands Rebekah of Shiloh, CD, NA, NAJ, CGC (ylw)


BOS 2001 National Specialty

Group Winner



OFA hips good #LR122599G26F-PI

OFA elbows #LR-EL15546F26-PI

Eyes Optigen A1

OFA cardiac clearance

DNA #V197443





Ch. Mtn Meadow Romeo (ylw)


OFA hips excellent

Eyes cleared annually

Mtn Meadow Bumble Bee (ylw)


OFA hips

Ch. Tabatha's Drifter At Dickendall, JH (blk/y)

OFA hips good

Eyes clear


Ch. Dickendall Arnold (blk/b)

Ch. Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy, WC (ylw)

Woodgate Silent Knight (ylw)

OFA hips good


BISS Ch. Chelon's Mac The Knight, JH, WC, CD, CGC (blk/y)

Sandgold Frolic's Jass Bells (ylw)

Springbok Tiz A Sight (blk/y)


OFA hips good


BISS Ch. Lobuff's Bare Necessities, JH, CD (blk)

OFA hips excellent

Ch. Dickendall Ruffy, SH, WC (blk/y)

Second Sight Brandie (blk)

Ch. Blackthorn Springbok Mujaji (blk)

OFA hips excellent

Ch. Sailin' Cajun's Casanova, WC, CD (blk)

Ch. Starpoint Blackthorn Blonde, CD (ylw)

Mtn Meadow Paved in Gold (ylw)


OFA hips good

Eyes clear

Ch. Blackwing Balloon Jumper (ylw)


OFA hips good

Int'l, Eng, Am, Can. Ch. Sandylands Rip Van Winkle (ylw)

OFA hips

Eng. Sh. Ch. Sandylands My Rainbeau (ylw)

Eng. Sh. Ch. Sandylands Busy Liz (ylw)

Dormark's Tugboat Annie (blk/y)

OFA hips

Ch. Bounty Grant's Barnstormer, CD, WC

Dormark's Tally Ho

Woodgate Silent Knight (ylw)


OFA hips good

BISS Ch. Chelon's Mac The Knight, JH, WC, CD, CGC (blk/y)

OFA hips excellent

Eyes CERF @ 12 yrs.

Ch. Chelon's Sleepless Knight, CD, JH, WC, WCX (blk/y)

Can. Ch. Dixielands Windy Sailin' (ylw)

Sandgold Frolic's Jazz Bells (ylw)

OFA hips

Am, Can. Ch. Harbortop Ranchmans Jasper

Am, Can. Ch. Windmarks Sandgold Frolic


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