Tealwood Labrador Retrievers

Blacks & Yellows born April 22, 2005

"Sage"  x  "Karina"

BIS, BISS Am, Can. Ch. Tormentil Labradale Primetime, CGC  x  Tealwood's Ciara Karina


Sire: "Sage"


BIS BISS Am, Can. Ch. Tormentil Labradale Primetime, CGC (ylw)


Multi Best in Show Winner

Specialty Winner


Reg. #GQ453012

DOB: 8/20/97

Hips OVC & OFA good

Elbows OVC & OFA normal

Eyes ACVO clear annually

DNA Optigen "A" clear for PRA

Eyes clear for retinal folds-7 wks

OFA cardiac clearance

Full Dentition


Am, Can. Ch. Chablais Don Quixote, Am. SH, Can. WC, CGC (ylw)


OFA good

Eyes ACVO clear annually

BISS Am, Can. Ch. Sandylands Marshall, JH (blk/y)


Multi Specialty Show Winner

OFA good; CERF

Eng. Ch. Kupros Master Mariner (blk)

Eng, Am, Can. Ch. Lindall Mastercraft, JH (blk/y/c)

Kupros Bridget

Sandylands Bramble

Eng. Ch. Squire of Ballyduff (blk)

Eng. Ch. Sandylands Longley Come Rain

BISS Am, Can. Ch. Chablais Myrtille (ylw)


Multi Specialty Show Winner

OFA good; CERF


Am, Can. Ch. Bradking Mike (blk/y)

OFA excellent

Eng. Ch. Kupros Master Mariner

Keysun Ruling Star of Bradking

Can. Ch. Chablais Croustille (blk/y)

OFA good

Am, Can, Bda. Ch. Bradking Rangeways Mr. Chips (ylw)

Can. Ch. Lindenhall's Olan de Chablais (blk)

Can. Ch. Toplicht Fleur's Charlee My Girl (ylw)


OFA hips good

OFA elbows

Eyes ACVO clear annually

Int'l Ch., Fr. F.T. Ch. Carromer's Charlie Chalk (ylw)

#1 Lab in France 1993-99

Hips: A/A-BVA 4/3

Eyes clear

Eng. Ch. Rocheby Royal Oak (ylw)

Eng. Ch. Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby (ylw)

Eng. Ch. Rocheby Acorn (ylw)

Carromer Glamour Girl (ylw)

Hips: 6:3; eyes clear

Carromer Wild About Harry (ylw)

Quadriga Finese at Carromer

Toplicht Bonny's Amber Fleur

Eng. SH Ch. Blondella Bonny Lad

Trenow Brigadier

Eng. Sh. Ch. Blondella Balalai'ka

Toplicht Tintagel Amber Moon

The Dog of Tintagel Winds

Rodarbal Rainbow


Dam:  "Karina"

Tealwood's Ciara Karina (blk/y)


AKC #SN751879/02

DOB: 6/22/00

OFA hips excellent

OFA elbows normal

Eyes CERF annually

Full dentition






BISS CH Ridge View Bugs Bunny (ylw)


Sire of 16 champions,  2002 Westminster BOB & BOS winners, specialty and group winners


OFA hips excellent

OFA elbows

Eyes CERF annually

CH Tabatha's Drifter at Dickendall, JH (blk/y)


OFA hips

OFA elbows

Eyes clear

CH Dickendall Arnold (b/b)

Hips/eyes clear

CH Dickendall Ruffy, SH (blk/y)

Dickendall A-Ha (blk)

CH Tabatha's Valleywood Decoy, WC (ylw)

Hips/eyes clear

Driftwood Celebration (ylw)

CH Valleywood's Kannonball Kate (ylw)

CH Ridge View Bleu Bunny (ylw)


Westminster AOM

OFA good



Chablais Rhapsodie En Bleu (ylw)

Hips/eyes clear

Can. CH Ranbourne This Bud's For You (blk/y)

Am, Can. CH Chablais Myrtille (ylw)

CH Pine Edge Ridge View Snobear (ylw)

Top producing bitch in breed history

(18 champions)

OFA good/eyes clear

BIS, BISS CH Hickory Ridge Gustav Mahler (ylw) - Best in Show, Best in Specialty Show

CH Lone Oak Polar Bear (ylw)

Molly D'Major of Tealwood (blk/y)


OFA hips good

OFA elbows

Eyes CERF @ 7 yrs.

Full dentition

Brandywine's Master Centurion (blk/c)

Legacy's Major Mandigo (chlt)

Champion Pointed

OFA hips excellent

OFA elbows

Eyes CERF @ 10 yrs.

Ch. The Fonze of Majyk Hill (chlt/y)

OFA good; CERF

Legacy's Charlie Brown (chlt/y)

OFA good; CERF

Roshills Hilary of Lindall (blk/y/c)

OFA good


Eng, Am, Can. Ch. Lindall Mastercraft, JH (blk/y/c)

Ravenwood's Seaside Puffin (blk/y) - OFA good

Brandywine's Iron Mistress (blk/y)

BISS Ch. Chelons Mac The Knight, JH, WC, CD, CGC (blk/y)

Specialty Show Winner

OFA hips excellent

OFA elbows

Eyes CERF @ 12 yrs.

Ch. Chelons Sleepless Knight, JH, CD, AWC (blk/y)

OFA good; CERF


Can. Ch. Dixieland's Windy Sailin' (ylw)

OFA excellent

Thistledown Dynamite Rose (ylw)

OFA hips good

Eyes CERF @ 8 yrs.

BIS Am, Can. Ch. Monarch's Black Arrogance, CD, WC (blk/y) - OFA hips, eyes CERF

Saddlehill Magnolia Gold, CD (ylw)  - OFA hips



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