Puppy Pictures

Blacks and Chocolates born October 8, 2001


(Legacy's Major Mandigo  x  Muskets Zootsuit Riot)


Check back frequently ... more pictures to be added as time goes on.




Day One



Day One - Little Green Boy trying to catch up!



Day Three

(left to right, back)  Orange Boy, Pink Girl, Yellow Girl, Red Boy, Turquoise Girl, Purple Girl, Blue Boy

(left to right, front)  Green Boy & Peach Girl 



Day Three



              Peach Girl at 3 days                                                                  Pups Day 4



Yellow Girl and Green Boy - 1 week



Blue Boy and Peach Girl - 1 week



Pink Girl and Purple Girl - 1 week



Red Boy and Turquoise Girl - 1 week


(Orange Boy's 1 week picture didn't turn out)



Orange Boy (always belly up!) and Yellow Girl - 2 weeks



Puppies playing and sleeping at 3 weeks




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