In Loving Memory of "Dyna"

             Born November 20, 1986  -  Died in loving arms April 16, 1999



Thistledown Dynamite Rose (ylw)
(BISS Amer, Can. Ch. Monarch's Black Arrogance, WC, CD  x  Saddlehill Magnolia Gold)





I will forever miss the spirit and courage that always greeted me, even her final morning.
The thumping of that beautiful tail told me, more than her fading eyes,
that she was happy I'd be with her until she had to leave ...
like I promised her ... like I was.


Dyna at 13 years, napping with Wally


Dyna at 10 years



Dyna, with her half-sister Shirley in 1995 or 1996.  They had the same famous daddy, Gunnar.





Dyna's Story


There's a story behind this tribute to Dyna.  Because of her outstanding pedigree, being one of the few remaining beautiful daughters of "Gunnar", I purchased her at 8 years of age. I realized shortly that she had been a "kennel dog", spending most of her time in a crate with very little attention or exercise. But like all my dogs, I house trained her, gave her a huge yard to play in and lots of love. I knew it was late in life for her, and promised her that if she'd give me just one litter of puppies, I'd give her a warm, comfortable life and lots of love till her dying day.

Dyna lived up to her end of the "deal", and so did I, although she would have had my heart anyway. She slept on a pillow by my bed, and on the bed with anyone who came to visit. Dyna died just one week before her grandaughter, Molly, gave birth to her first litter. As I sat on the floor in the home where she felt safe and loved, holding her in my arms, I told her, through my tears, that it was time for her to go and be with her sister, Shirley, and her dad, Gunnar, and the others. "Good-bye, Dyna, I love you", and the vet relieved her of any further suffering.

There was only one yellow in Molly's litter, a female. As soon as I saw her I knew she was the spittin' image of Grandma Dyna. Even wrinkled up her brow when she looked intently at you. Unfortunately, after all attempts to save her, I lost "Tealwood's Try My Patience" to liver failure at 12 weeks. Maybe old Dyna needed her more than I at that moment.