2015 Tealwood Labrador Retrievers Calendar

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UPDATE 12/20/14:  Almost 70 calendars have sold, thank you all!  I'm no longer taking orders but ...

You can still order my calendar at:  CreateCalendars.com



This first Tealwood calendar is dedicated to some of my dogs who have been an integral part of my breeding program and are now passed on.  Their wonderful temperaments, correct structure, beautiful expressions, intelligence and working ability are carried into the present day via their get.  Morgan, Gizmo, Jack, Emma and Molly are featured, as well as several generations of their offspring.  I've included photos of some of the Tealwood puppies owned by others also ...  Romeo, Dewey, Widget, Elliot, Rosanna, Clyde, Cooper, Lego, Amos, Stella/Bella, Brooklyn, Bella, Gadget, Sophie, Colby.

Lots of great photos on every month, as well as the birth date and year of every litter back 15 years or so.  If you have a Tealwood puppy, you'll find many of their relatives on this calendar.

I initially only paid to have 25 printed (then re-ordered twice), which will be available at $16.00 each, plus $3.40 shipping (First Class USPS, 2-3 day delivery).  After those are gone, you will still be able to order more directly from the "store" at www.CreatePhotoCalendars.com ... which is who printed it.  I'm not sure what the price will be yet, but you'd order directly from them and they would ship.  I've received a hard copy proof and it is a beautiful calendar, well made on nice heavy quality paper.

I'd love to get feedback on this calendar.  I've never done this before for my Tealwood dogs, but plan to do every year if it's a hit!


2015 Tealwood Labrador Retrievers Calendar
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    I'm having 25 calendars printed and they will be available at this price. Once they're gone, you still can order this calendar from the "store" at www.CreatePhotoCalendars.com. I'm not sure yet what that price will be, but you will pay directly from that site and it will be shipped by them.
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